I’m Comin’ Out Cake Batter

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“I shot my load,” I replied to my friend Jon after he insulted my abundant pour of frozen yogurt, leaving little room for toppings. I thought the sentiment was particularly clever, as I simultaneously winked at the clerk.

At a *fat free* frozen yogurt shop in West Hollywood/BoysTown the flavors are homo-suggestively named, but more, are insanely delicious. This is anti-Pinkberry, the shop noted for starting the tangy froyo craze.  Yogurt Stop is an X-rated yet A+ tasting TCBY, the bland frozen yogurt chain dominating suburban strip malls.

Cake batter won my taste buds over with its searingly sweet and familiar flavor. I have a thing for batter, as you may remember from my sous vide brainstorm of slow and low water bath cookie dough.

Jon, and his girlfriend Elizabeth—who made my trip by spotting JC from ‘N Sync during dinner at Dominick’s—swear by the 3 : 1 ratio of toppings to yogurt. And real quick, this is what my friend Thresher had to say about this sighting:

Those nsync boys, I swear. They’re like the Hill staffers of LA–you run into them at every corner. On any given night in West Hollywood, you’re pretty much guaranteed to cross paths with Lance Bass and his fierce cadre of well-groomed muscle lads.

Anyway, here is what a Yogurt Stop snack is supposed to look like:

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  • Liza August 24, 2010  

    I’m very impressed with your celeb sighting!!! And that yogurt looks really good. And speaking of TCBY, I will say that I still love their white chocolate mousse yogurt.

  • BS August 24, 2010  

    color me naive, but I need an explanation of the terms “cheban” and “milk my harvey.”

  • gansie August 25, 2010  

    milk my harvey = harvey milk, gay rights hero.
    cheban = no idea. was hoping someone could tell me.

  • Borracho August 25, 2010  

    Cheban= Jonathon Cheban runs a Hollywood PR firm and has one of those reality shows on E. The whole Harvey Milk thing is clever as can be though I keep picturing Sean Penn as the one behind the counter serving yogurt

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