Bigger IS Better


You know what I really hate? Going to an event/concert/baseball game and paying $9 for a beer. And only buying one $9 beer at a time, because they don’t stay cold in those stupid plastic cups. Therefore, if I want more than one beer (which I always do), I have to leave my seat/dancing spot and wait in line for another one.

This weekend in Scranton, PA we made a discovery.

The 24oz beer.

I realize these have been around for awhile, but I’d never seen them. Twenty-four ounces of goodness for $11 (which is about $7.20 per 16 ounces).

Yes, that’s still expensive compared to going to a bar and ordering a $3 Miller Lite, but look at what you’re getting. Beer in a CAN as opposed to one of those plastic cups, which spill far easier and get warm about 34,234 times quicker than in aluminum.

Also? The can stands up much nicer in the grass without spilling. When it does spill, less is lost. A key component to stadium drinking.

What’s the biggest beer you’ve ever seen?

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  • cbr July 28, 2010  

    How topical, per the Nats game last night 🙂

    My first semester freshman year, I studied abroad in London. On Sunday mornings, we went to Church. Church was an underground, illegally run club that ran in a warehouse with sawdust on the floor. We got up at 9am, threw on sweatpants, got on the Tube, and danced til 3pm to classic and British rock. There, they sold plastic baggies with three, count ’em THREE 24 oz cans of either beer or some alcoholic juice type drink. I’m pretty sure Church is gone now, but damn, thems were some enterprising Brits.

    The only thing that beats that is Biergarten Haus (or, really, Germany as a whole). $11 -16 for….well, I have no idea how many ounces it is, but it is gloriousness.

  • Jens July 29, 2010  

    > What’s the biggest beer you’ve ever seen?

    Well here in Germany (in Bavaria to be exact) they sell 1 liter of beer (around 34 ounces, called a “Maß”) during Octoberfest. The biggest beer I’ve ever seen had been 1.5 liter bottles of beer in Latvia, containing 17% alcohol. I kid you not – this stuff tasted like beer liquor.

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