Feed Us Back: Comments of the Week


– Mariah Carey is ready for some Jersey Shore drinking:

That is one HELL of a drink! It probably should be called the “Chuck Norris.” It would also probably get me to act as silly as the JS cast!

– Nee Nee has our back on the green garlic front:

No need to worry about the packaging for green garlic! You can grow it in pots (or garden) at home. Break up a head of garlic and plant the individual cloves (ponity side up) about 1-2 inches down in the soil, about 2-3 inches apart. They grow really easily in a few months and you can harvest them when they look like scallions. Seriously, my garlic store sells green garlic starts. They also inform you that the same results can be obtained by simply harvesting your crop at the scallion stage. If you do have outdoor space, garlic can be planted in the fall before the ground freezes. Then it pops through the ground in the spring and you have…SPRING GARLIC waiting for you.

– And while several of you noted there are lactose tolerance reasons for why Asian food and cheese is such a rare pairing, Aaliyah is with us on this one:

Yes! I never understand why cheese is not incorporated into Asian food. Everything is better with cheese melted on top. Everything!

Melted cheese on everything! It’s the American way. Happy 4th!

(Photo: Meggers)

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  • JoeHoya July 3, 2010  

    You know I love melted cheese, but I think you’re giving a shout-out to a spammer there, BS. Aaliyah’s comment was a word for word copy-paste of yours and the “Big Discounts” website her name links to has a .nu domain.

  • BS July 4, 2010  

    ha! I’m an asshole. I knew there was something I liked about that comment.

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