The Countdown Begins: Thirsty for Some Snookie

I refuse to concede my Jersey Shore to those fuck faces on MTV. I’m used to being mocked because I’m from Jerz. But this show. This show. Ugh. That’s not actually the Jersey Shore. Or at least not mine. Mine is tame. Mine involves sunning on the beach and not in a capsule. Mine is full of bitchy, jewelry-encrusted old Jewish women and not tatted up frat boys.

But fine. The show is totally addicting. And while I may tune in to an episode or two when season two airs–in just one month—on July 29th, I will not, however, indulge in their celebrity status. So you could imagine my terror when I spied these drink specials at Commissary in DC.


My mouth is too ajar to form hateful words.  You can, though.

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  • Kim June 29, 2010  

    True story. I always feel like I have to defend my Jersey Shore roots… unfortunately, sometimes I have to begrudgingly admit that part of the shore is exactly the kind of Bennies that are on the show.

  • Nick (Macheesmo) June 29, 2010  

    Jersey Shore marathons are the best for a hungover Sunday. Love that stuff.

  • Mariah Carey June 29, 2010  

    That is one HELL of a drink! It probably should be called the “Chuck Norris”. It would also probably get me to act as silly as the JS cast!

  • JoeHoya June 29, 2010  

    I love this.

    Take a look at that ingredient list again…

    …it’s a Long Island Iced Tea with Red Bull.

    If that’s not the perfect drink for these fake-ass Jersey Shore characters I don’t know what is.

    Kim’s right, though. For better or worse summer at the Jersey Shore is defined by a critical mass of BENNYs. Having grown up just over the bridge from Seaside it was as much a fact of summer life as seeing our teachers working at Stewart’s Root Beer and birthday parties at Water Works.

  • jj June 29, 2010  


  • westcoast June 29, 2010  

    jj, the least you could do is elaborate.

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