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The third week of June somehow turned into recipe crowdsourcing week on ES and of course ya’ll were full of all sorts of suggestions — thanks!

Liza came through with some alcoholic popsicle ideas:

I was going to suggest a margarita pop or a mojito pop. OH you could try a sweat tea vodka pop?? Get some firefly and add some other stuff?? Beer Popsicles???

Yes, yes and yes. We had some disagreements in the comments about whether this is even possible, but we’re sure gonna try!

– On to the question of scapes, butter seems to be the popular choice. kate:

I am really enjoying my scape butter. i food processed them, and then sauteed them for a few minutes. then i mixed them into some softened butter, and keep it on the counter. it goes great in everything- and you can freeze it if you have a large quantity.

Other ideas?

– And tons of suggestions for using tons of strawberries. I’m especially intrigued by tricky‘s claim:

My favorite thing to do is to eat them plain whilst occasionally rubbing them across my front teeth…. Why, you ask? strawberries are a natural tooth-whitener.


(Photo: ~MVI~)

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  • westcoast June 18, 2010  

    Farmer’s Alminacs used to sing the praises of brushing your teeth with strawberries for that very reason. Also, if you are ever sprayed by a skunk, taking a bath of tomato juice will help eliminate the stank.

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