• Jens June 10, 2010  

    Well, 10 points for novelty, but -100 for using only heavily processed ingredients. “½ jar of your favourite pasta sauce” – you call that cooking?

  • Liza June 10, 2010  

    Jackie one time had a dream of me steaming crabs in the dishwasher… I lau ghed so hard because I thought that is was so strange but to hear you can actual use it for “cooking” is insane!

  • Greg H. November 8, 2010  

    The beach house we rented at Nags Head, NC this last week had the usual instruction book of do’s and don’ts supplied by the realty company, but with one amusing difference this time: On the page dealing with the operation and care of the kitchen appliances was the following notice in bold red underlined letters:

    “You CANNOT steam crabs in the dishwasher! This is not a joke; it has actually been tried here. You would not believe the mess that was left for the cleanup staff to deal with!”

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