The Next Food Network Star Exit Interview: Episode 1


We’re still a week away from the premier of Top Chef: DC (OMG!), but luckily for those of you fiending for some reality chef gossip,The Next Food Network Star‘s latest season is under way, and our pals over at Good Bite have a chat with the first star-testant to go (we won’t say who it is)…

Before being cast on TNFNS, did you watch the show?
I watched The Next Food Network Star from its inception! I enjoy this show immensely! Watching the show has become a tradition during the summers for my family and I to watch.

Was this your first time auditioning?
This has been my third time applying for The Next Food Network Star! I applied three times over four years. The first year I applied and submitted a video and did not even receive flowers or anything from Food Network saying no thanks. The second year I applied and I heard nothing back, not even an email. The third year I was so discouraged that I decided I would not send anything into Food Network to see if they would notice that I did not send an application into them and….well they did not notice at all. The fourth year I decided to go to an open casting call and thought, “If they are going to reject me, they will have to reject me to my face!” Well, I got called back for a second round on interviews and soon was selected as a finalist for The Next Food Network Star!

What was your favorite memory from being on TNFNS?

My favorite memory was after dinner one night I sat with Aarti and Doreen and got to know them a little better through conversation rather than competing with one another.

If you were to describe your personal style of cooking, what would that be?
My style of cooking encompasses lots of different cuisines but the one thing that is constant is the study and detail of the food science piece when I cook. Whether it’s lowering or raising the PH in a salad dressing by adding salt or allowing the enzymes to do their work on beef while it slowly cooks in the oven, food science is a constant and not a variable in my dishes.What is one kitchen gadget you can’t live without?

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