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– Knew we could count on you ESers for all kinds of answers to what to do with a radish. Krista:

Pickle them and use the results in place of an olive in your martini.

La Morgan:

I slice my radishes & let them sit in a puddle of lemon juice (meyer lemon is great – on special at WF now), salt, and a little sugar. Sort of like quick pickle. Good to serve with fish, meat, rice, etc.

Other ideas for how to make those little suckers sing?

JoeHoya asks by far the most relevant question about high tea etiquette:

I’ve always wondered if there’s a corresponding low tea.

If so, count me in!

And if you thought gansie and 80 proof had a rough time with their hot avocado experiment, Charles brings us an avo-disaster story that um, should probably just be read in full:

Having just discovered that avocados might get my triglycerides & “bad” cholesterol down, I went and bought a dozen from my market which were very ripe, and very cheap (up in the great north woods, we pay up to $1.28/ea when they come in unripe, these were $0.29.)

So my roomie comes home from night shift, and we decide to bake a pizza (frozen w/additives) and I’m looking at all these avocados and decide that the slices would be good on top of the pizza, and I proceed to lay them out an we bake the pizza.

They stayed green and they tasted great, so I started looking for recipes and discovered that cooking avocados is a BAD idea. We must of gotten lucky.

Then I discovered that you could freeze avocados after scooping them for up to 5 months, so I bought out the rest of the avocados.

Now I had 50 avocados in my kitchen, and I was eating a couple a day, and trying to face the daunting task of slicing & scooping them…as they got riper.

So I thought, I can at least speed up the washing process, and put them on the top rack of the washer, turning the faucet to cold and the “water heat” and “dryer heat” off, figuring that they’d get washed in the cold water & all I’d have to do is scoop & pack (still a daunting task–my first attempt made me feel I’d been in a fight with a bunch of greased piglets!)

I looked up as it was in the rinse cycle to see steam pouring out of the dishwasher, so I stopped it, dumped them into cold water and put them out on the front porch in the 40-50 degree weather while I went to find out if I could save them.

Well, the manual for the washer said that the minimum water heat was 120F incoming, so I figured that that was probably where it heated the water too. My roomie and I decided that they HAD to get at least that hot in the tropical sun, so I cut up one and it was great.

But I still had to process them all, and those greased piglets were ever on my mind.

The problem was that I was trying to put them in freezer bags, and had no way to hold the bag open, so I found a cottage cheese container which was about the size of the opening, cut the top 1? off for a bag spreader, then found an old plastic container which was the right size to hold the quart bags I was freezing (4 avocado’s to the bag. Most Guacamole recipes seem to call for 2 and I’m a big guy.)

I still wasn’t motivated, and I found that you can store them for 2-3 days in the refrigerator, and this time of year my porch is a refrigerator (other times it’s a deep freezer.)

And tried to get motivated.

Today I did them, and while I’ve had trouble finding information and pictures of the inside of a bad one, most were fine, some were questionable, and I tossed 2-3.

Now I have enough frozen for a month at 2 or so a day, and early next month I’ll have my blood work done and see how it does.

But even if they don’t work that well, we’ll still eat them, and they’re still delicious.

And LOTS tougher than I’d expected.


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    washing avocados??

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