Indian Simmer: Ba Da Ba Ba Ba

India McDs

I’m sorry, but I had to do it.

After about 45 consecutive meals of Indian food, I just wanted a good old American-style gorging. Man can only live without french fries for so long. Plus, who could resist finding out what a hamburger-free McDonald’s is like?

It’s true — like almost every other restaurant in India, there is no beef served at the many McDonald’s here (and no pork, either). In fact, #1 on the Extra Value Menu is the McVeggie Burger. Can you believe that? I tried it out and have to say, it is pretty tasty for foreign fast food! Definitely deep-fried (c’mon, it’s McDonald’s, they’ve still got to find a way to make vegetables unhealthy), but not too greasy, with a nice crunch, and you can even see actual veggies once you bite into the patty.

In case you’re wondering, Indian McDonald’s keep it real with Chicken McNuggets, McChicken sandwiches and Filet-o-Fish, which my very unscientific research tells me is a local favorite.  Additional options include the double-decker Chicken Maharaja Mac (really!) and a paneer salsa wrap. I’d love to try them all out and report back but, uh, I’m in India, I’m not going to McDonald’s more than once.

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  • gansie April 19, 2010  

    we have got to bring the mcveggie to america. nice scouting.

  • The Veggie GF April 19, 2010  

    Sigh. I guess if you had to support a giant conglomerate that is making the whole world fat, you at least went veggie.

    Did the fries taste different?

  • Liza April 19, 2010  

    I want the McVeggie AND the Paneer Wrap – that sounds awesome! Apparently Burger King has a veggie burger (according to their website) – I’ll let you know if I try it

  • Shana April 20, 2010  

    Burger King does indeed have a Veggie Burger, but it is mushroom heavy, and if you’re a non-fan of ‘shrooms as I am (despite being a 80% vegetarian) you will not be a fan. 🙁

  • BS April 20, 2010  

    @vgf…Actually I almost mentioned the fries. They were the same, except incredible, harshly, almost comically oversalted. I was wondering if that was maybe an Indian preference or just an eff-up at this particular mcdonalds.

  • Sara April 20, 2010  

    Oooh! How about a thali of McIndian food?

  • kate April 20, 2010  

    No, I totally agree that it’s for scientific research to see what Indian McDonald’s is like. When I studied abroad in Greece, my friends were craving McDonalds (after only a month- c’mon!?), and we cracked up over the McToast, which was a version of a gyro. I was a curmudgeon and insisted on eating from the gyro stand on the square instead, but I enjoyed seeing another country’s spin on McD’s menu.

  • Brian April 20, 2010  

    I (ashamedly) have had way too much Mcdonald’s in India, and I agree that the fries are way too over-salted.

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