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Alex is not buying this $15 “homemade” pizza thing:

ok stop me if this is a dumb question, but why wouldn’t you just make actual homemade pizza, considering that it would cost significantly less and be significantly easier (i.e., no need to leave the house)?

Whoever can give us a good reason why wins a free ES pizza delivered to their door.

– westcoast is not standing for any Alice Waters bashing, facetious or not:

Alice Waters is my hero. It’s like a Jesus or Palin sort of obsession, but more serious.

While Tyler drops a little-known GF fact:

I would like it to be known far and wide that Guy Fieri was born “Guy Ferry”. Apparently he felt the need to de-Americanize, and re-Italianize his last name, and require that everybody pronounce it with that ludicrously rolled “r”. Get over yourself, Guy.

He claims that he did this to “honor his family roots.” Okay. But what about honoring the guy who had the balls to actually come over here an build a life for future Ferrys? Does he get no respect?

Oh, good – it’d been weeks since I’ve come up with a new reason to hate Guy.

– And Suri enlightens me about Indian breakfast:

Believe it or not but cornflakes(when eaten) is consumed with hot milk in India!

Yuck! I’ll stick to curry for breakfast, thanks.

(Photo: ProComKelly)

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  • gansie April 9, 2010  

    dude. this guy ferry thing is cracking my ass up.

  • Gradually Greener April 9, 2010  

    I didn’t think Guy Fieri could be any more annoying, but oh look, now he is.

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