Burns My Bacon: Leftover Pizza Storage


I don’t keep this a secret: I live with my parents. We generally avoid ordering out as a family, because we are all very particular about our food and there is normally a gigantic fight over what to order. It takes at least an hour for us to decide on takeout (sometimes longer if it’s Chinese food).

When we order pizza, we order a ridiculous amount so that everyone is satisfied. Last week, we ordered three medium pizzas for three people (sausage, ham, mushroom). Although I can house pizza like nobody’s business, an entire pizza is a little much. It all ends up in the fridge.

I love leftover pizza. But it BURNS MY BACON when someone in my family wraps the slices in tin foil, layered cheese to cheese. Slices stacked on top of each other, cheese sides touching.  The cheese congeals together and rips off of the slice when you try to separate them. You don’t fuck with my cheese.

Maybe this is a personal problem, but I suspect others share the same frustration. Yes?

(Photo: ESer Lyndsay’s homemade pizza)

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  • gansie April 7, 2010  

    you know that sheet of wax or parchment paper that will sometimes come on the bottom, separating the box and the pizza. my dad will use that to separate the slices, piling one on top of each other with wax paper in between. it works really well. i also will use this technique with foil.

    and holy crap. trying to order take out with more than two people is murderous.

  • mand April 7, 2010  

    i was going to make a comment about the intricate leftover-pizza-storage method the Canjos have, but it seems its not that original because its already been mentioned.

    we just layer it with the wax paper from the bottom of the box and put it in gallon size ziplocs. boom.

  • erica April 7, 2010  

    you could do what other members of my family (me excluded) seem to find just fine for pizza storage: put it in the oven, cardboard box and all. leave for days. eat pizza. GROSS!! believe it or not, this has only resulted in massive kitchen fire once, and food poisoning never. (?????HOW???? I DON”T KNOW.)

    or, you could just wait ’til the pizza is cool, then the cheese won’t congeal together. DUH!

  • erica April 7, 2010  

    i apologize for the added duh. but it’s true, if you let the pizza cool first the cheese won’t stick together. we do this at the office all the time.

  • ML April 7, 2010  

    I realize this, but someone puts it away when the cheese is still warm. EVERY TIME.

  • ed hardy April 9, 2010  

    We just layer it with the wax paper from the bottom of the box and put it in gallon size ziplocs. boom.

  • Coop April 9, 2010  

    Was your family raised in a barn? Slices need to be wrapped individually. No exceptions. At least that’s how the Coopers roll.

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  • Carrie Neal Walden September 3, 2010  

    I’m in the gallon ziploc bag storage camp. But I’m obssessive about the cool first rule and also about not keeping pizza long. That being said- how long do y’all keep your left over pizza? Because I got “in trouble” last weekend for throwing away *His* pizza because it can supposedly be kept a week and I was horrified.

    Comments, please? I toss after two days, tops because it grosses me out to have what I just consider soggy crust, even once reheated, because it just isn’t good. Ick.

  • Borracho September 4, 2010  

    I had to search for it but this whole stream of conversation reminded me about an article I read last month: http://www.washingtoncitypaper.com/articles/39435/can-a-microwave-nuke-pizza-bacteria-yes-but-only-if

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