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cottage cheese

– Who knew cottage cheese was such a conversation starter? A few of our fav ideas:


I use cottage cheese as a pasta sauce.  Melt a little butter in a small pot, add garlic and saute a few minutes. Add your cottage cheese and stir until melted. to this you can add fresh basil, parsley, a little nutmeg, salt and pepper. Yummy and good for you!! (Some parm. is also great in this.)

Nee Nee:

My mom used to use cottage cheese in lasagna as a ricotta replacement, mostly because we didn’t have ricotta in our grocery store in the 80s. I heartily second the suggestion of cottage cheese and tomatoes + S&P. It’s another vehicle to consume ‘maters when they are in season. I glop cottage cheese on a cucumber and vinegar salad. Also, the dogs love it. It is a good thing to feed when they have upset stomachs.

– Nothing gets food bloggers amped up like the topic of food photos. Jenna:

I always feel a little weird taking photos in restaurants, so I try to do it without attracting a lot of attention. I think I’m just terrified the server will yell at me. Which is silly, because I think that photographing food is so common in restaurants now (or maybe I just know too many food bloggers), and it’s not like I feel weird snapping photos of friends when we’re out at a bar for someone’s birthday.


Living & blogging in NYC, my firm opinion is that ‘if you are not disturbing anyone, then there should not be a problem.’ As you note, the food is now yours, and provided you are not throwing it at people or causing a huge fuss (whipping out a mini-light booth, using a giant-giant camera and elbowing people to get out of your way… I really don’t see a problem.

Finally, Stefan picks a spatzle fight:

First of all…Spatzle and sauerkraut? I am offended. The correct starch is saltzkartoffeln (potatoes).

Second…forget the nutmeg

If you want to get fancy they have Spatzle presses or you can go old school and hand cut them on a cutting board over the water.

(Photo: Size 8 Jeans)

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