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irish car bomb

LC was generous enough to share her family’s holiday drink tradition:

As sweet drinks go, we drink manhattans at my house – 2 parts bourbon/whiskey, 1 part sweet vermouth, splash of cherry juice, and a cherry on top. It sounds sweet but it is not to be confused with a “i can’t even taste the alcohol” drink since it’s pretty much all alcohol.. And if you fuck up dinner, one or two of these and your guests are likely not to care/remember.

While Brian goes with the classic:

I don’t like eggs and I prefer soy milk to regular milk. That said, I effing love eggnog. My family’s never been so intolerable though that I need to add rum. We’ll see how this year goes…

How does your family drink away the holidays???

– In other drinking news, there’s some controversy popping up over whether The Top 10 Drinks Only America Could Have Invented are all really American:


Egyptian pharaohs used to have a drink that was very similar to coke. it tasted the same….so America did not really invent it.

Hmmm…I’m finding that one hard to believe. Coke seems pretty freaking modern to me. Anyone?

Also, Bobby claims:

The first one [Irish Car Bomb] is originally irish, NOT invented in america, idiot.

I’m gonna stand by my statement that ICBs are no more authentically Gaelic in origin than the Lucky Charms leprauchean, but if anyone can prove me wrong, next round’s on me.

(Photo: Sandwich Girl)

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  • LC December 4, 2009  

    I don’t know about proof but I can offer the following on Irish car bombs: I have been in a bar on two separate occasions when Irish car bombs were ordered with actual Irish people (from Ireland!) present. The Irish folks had never heard of them. In fact, one couple thought it was slightly offensive.

  • Brian December 4, 2009  

    This is my first time making ‘comments of the week.’ I think I’ll celebrate with a drink…

  • ingloriousbastard December 4, 2009  


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