Hott Link: Some Wine with Your Mac n’ Cheese?


Hard as I try to be a wine snob, it’s just not that easy to accomplish on a blogger’s budget. Even if you shell out for the fancy vino now and again, you still feel like you’ve got to save it for special meals, right? You can’t exactly crack open that $40 bottle and pair it with a bacon-marshmallow sandwich, now can you?

Which raises the question: can I be a wine snob even if I’m not eating truffled scallops every night? Fortunately, the folks over at Lemon Drop answer with a resounding yes. They asked boisterous wine critic Gary Vaynerchuck of Wine Library TV to recommend some cheap wine pairings for cheap foods you actually eat. So if you’ve been wondering what Spanish red “has the right amount of fruit to complement your cheesy macaroni,” or what pinot is rich enough to stand up to the sweetness of Frosted Mini-Wheats, now’s your chance to be a wine snob on the cheap.

Cheap Wine Pairings for Cheap Foods You Actually Eat [Lemon Drop]

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  • ChiCityDame September 22, 2009  

    Gotta say… Gary Vaynerchuk is probably one of the most “realistic” foodies out there right now. In case you hadn’t heard, there’s a recession on. Thanks for sharing!

  • gansie September 23, 2009  

    of course, and this is super obvious, but it makes me think of that super destructive scene in sideways when paul giamatti opens up his prized wine at a fast food place.
    crap i love that movie.

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