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– This week we brought you the Top 10 Food Finds at the Iowa State Fair and you responded loud and clear: Go North. Mike:

Planning on visiting the minnesota state fair?? anything you can imagine on a stick.

Nee Nee:

How about the Minnesota state fair delight “Spudzza!” A potato pizza fair booth that grew into a Grand Avenue icon. Where magic happens.


Were there also busts of Beauty Queens from each Iowa county whose faces had been carved in butter? (because if that wasn’t present, Iowa doesn’t have anything on Minnesota!)

OK, we get the point. Checking out Minnesota next. Although hoss riser makes a counter-argument:

why do these people keep yakking about the minnesota state fair, which is so obviously inferior? maybe michele bachmann will be there to announce that god has asked her to run for pope of crazytown. minnesota sux.

Leah has us looking towards the motherland:

I would like to inform my bacon loving friends that at the Wisconsin State Fair you can get Chocolate covered bacon on a stick….

Veriphos wraps it up with some good old fashioned coastal elitism:

EEWW, people over there actually eat this shit, no wonder you’re all fat…

– You guys jumped on broadandpattison’s WhatWouldYouFry? challenge. Gwyn:

Pickles. Deep fried pickles are insanely good. Especially kosher ones.


I was watching Paula’s party last weekend (Do not judge me.) and she was frying everything New York City. She fried a bagel. And the stuff you put on a bagel. Like capers. Turns out that fried capers can explode. Who knew?

Keep ’em coming!

– And jenny is down with gansie’s crowning of purslane as leafy green of the moment:

I had purslane in both my salad and my dinner at Nora a few weeks ago and had no idea what it was when I ordered both the dishes. Needless to say, because it was Nora, they were both fabulous. Love the purslane. Everyone needs another pretentiously-named green.

But Dave is not so sure:

9 dollars a pound?! You can find purslane growing wild all over the place this time of the year (at least here in Virginia). It grows in yards, along streets, in fields, even parking lots….I have been picking 2 varieties of it for the last few weeks, adding it to various meals. Just learn to identify it and you will be amazed how many places it grows. I am fascinated by this plant!

(Photo: My Old Postcards)

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