Rachel Maddow Explains It All

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So I keep getting all these emails from the White House telling me it’s time for me to take action and do something about health care reform. I’m a little confused about how this became my job while Congress gets to go on a month-long vacation, but here’s ES’ very brief contribution to the debate.

Above, the esteemed Rachel Maddow explains how negotiating health care reform with Republicans is like ordering pizza with the most annoying co-worker ever.

Of course we’re bipartisan here at ES, so if anyone wants to send a conservative response, feel free — just remember all arguments must be made in the form of parables about food, otherwise we just won’t be able to understand.

(Via: HuffPo)

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  • tubbytele August 27, 2009  

    I don’t know. I think this demonstration would have been more effective if Ken had thrown several tantrums, brandished a fire arm, all while a rep from wendy’s was stuffing his pockets with hamburgers

  • JoeHoya August 27, 2009  

    It might also have gone a bit more smoothly if Rachel, who had the phone and the menu, actually stopped to ask Ken what he DID want on the pizza instead of just giving him a few options and then going it alone.

    Just saying…

  • LC August 27, 2009  

    After reading the article about Ted Kennedy’s passing in the WaPo I think both sides are kind of annoying. The Dems being the passive agressive “well, if you reeeeeally hate pepperoni than i gueeeess we don’t have to have it” type and the Reps being the “i don’t even care if you get a pizza or not. I just ate a box of cheez its.But this is a chance to make you suffer” type. So there, bipartisan annoyance.

  • Bob K August 27, 2009  

    I’m allergic to pizza. I’ll chip in a little so the interns can have some but I’d rather get my own lunch from the deli.

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