100 Ways to Use a Strip of Bacon

Long-time readers know that, like most of the western world, I’m obsessed with bacon. There’s just something about this salty, smoky, crispy, fatty, forbidden treat that elicits a drool factor no other food can equal. In recent years, food bloggers have taken bacon to new heights, helping us see how this beloved breakfast meat can be incorporated into nearly every dish imaginable. It’s been bacon for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and drinks.

However, I’ve noticed a disturbing trend creeping up in the blogosphere: the bacon backlash. “Bacon has jumped the shark” opines Grub Street. “Bacon is Dead,” says J-Walk. “BLAME BACON,” yells So Good. I have four words for all you bacon haters: Bacon. Will. Never. Die. Fine, the bacon lube and bacon bras are a little creepy. Maybe we’ve gone too far when we’re literally trying to screw bacon. But I steadfastly refuse to stop eating it in every form imaginable.

So to celebrate the endless survival of bacon, I’ve compiled this handy chart of 100 Ways to Use a Strip of Bacon. From bacon apple pie to bacon guacamole, bacon pickles, bacon marshmallows, and yes, even bacon-wrapped tofu, here are the 100 most glorious ways to enjoy god’s greatest gift to tastebuds. But please, folks — try not to hump the computer screen. The bacon haters are watching.

Click on the photos for full recipes.

bacon-8 french-toast-bacon-cupcake-4-450x340 date-cannolis-2 spread_cupdetail
2312582853_5c9ce3d20c_o 2009_03_31-potatobites pear-bacon-sandwich bacon-wrapped-shrimp2
breakfast-pancake1 3115496119_fdce4aa62f_o img_3564preview bacon_pecan-4-500x3341
cherry_tomato dsc012951-1024x768 3674773408_c300952254_b-625x416 baconcinnamonroll
20081022-bacon-donuts turkey-bacon-roll-a tomatopie1 1394103615_f3526ee4f5
071102-pigcandy05 6a00d83452d7af69e2010536ff41ae970b-800wi baconpopcorn-769214 sodolaks_chicken_fried_bacon
baconcheese thick-and-creamy-potato-soup-with-bacon 2674890766_7e0b9067d7_o bacon_wrapped_tofu
bacon-apple-cheddar-breakfast-panini-from-panini-happy-21 mac-and-cheese img_0677preview 2405336562_5312094339
22308-049 3029317837_068afd831c dates artichautsmuffin1
1428703577_009d58db63 dscf1851 baconchicken_varf peaches_and_bacon_panini_cut-490
_mg_9038 3644735718_973c597132 baked-beans-91 brisket-with-bacon-105
dsc_1447_banner apple-bacon-pie bacontots-776157 bacon_toff1-540x405
bacon_wrapped_pineapple_4 bbites20min gbe06a 3374521762_d0ee1c9322_b
2984881774_601b86927b_o baconrollsize bacon-pinata-300x225 baconcorn
baconchickenlivers copy-of-img_8222 df09_01_11_mallow img_7387-650x433
dscn9077 img_0384 bacon1 cornbreadpiece_550
bacon-wrapped-barramundi 3192959628_f9490be843 chicken-bacon-roulades 3398929827_2371aefe9c
bacon-wrapped-water-chestnuts1 2428224955_a492e80159 bacion fig-pear-bacon-wraps-02-framed2
6a00e54ef97d7c883300e551c499dd8833-800wi dsc02045 img_0687-filtered pork_chops_bacon_sauce
bacon-wrapped-smokies christmas-turkey img_0009 2872973984_d0b903f825
crw_3724 dscn3455 img_6664 ultimate-bacon-chili-cheese-brots1
img_66691 pic89-500x334 mango-bacon-pecorino-zucchini-red-onion-wrap-006-120-dpi 3809628097_ba09cf1f3f
2009-07-04manbread01 strawberrybaconskewers2_5001 3601682063_1bed6b4ec3 egg-salad1
01_rect540jpeg carrot_bacon_soupe 3316821006_942197ebf5 6a00d83452d7af69e20105364d3f53970c-800wi
_mg_9157 bacon-carmel shapeimage_1 3553442309_1e5d7a8c0e

PS – What did we miss? Have a recipe that does right by bacon? Drop your link in the comments. If your photo makes us drool, we’ll add it to the list.

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More Bacon: Recipes, raves and other bacon bits in Endless Bacon.

Update! Thanks for all your tips – even more ways to love your bacon:

3541421862_4f7b0bfcdb august-salad-030



p1030100 saltedcaramelpecanbars


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  • Ronda August 28, 2009  

    I just today made my daughter’s favorite: Cabbage fried with bacon. Fry 1/2 lb. chopped bacon, drain if you like, add about 1 chopped onion, and fry until onion is nicely carmelized, then add about 1/2 head of chopped cabbage. Our ultimate indulgence!

  • Sheri Wetherell August 28, 2009  

    You are my hero! There’s some darn good stuff in there (and way to go on the hard work)!


  • Bacon Lover August 29, 2009  

    Bacon should be considered Currency!

  • Savory Tv / Heidi August 29, 2009  

    Thanks for the wrap up! Here’s another great one, Top Chef Stephanie Izard’s mac and cheese with apples and bacon: http://www.savory.tv/2009/03/08/stephanie-izard-recipe/

  • Carina August 30, 2009  
  • David August 31, 2009  

    Ha ha – actually “bacon on a stick” is something of an inside joke in our family. Goes back to a very old traditional way of cooking bacon over a campfire. Try it sometime – you’ll love it!

  • Carina August 31, 2009  

    Bacon Wrapped Roasted Peaches and Arugula salad


  • Korv_N September 2, 2009  

    I’ll have to take a picture the next time I make it.
    Mash garlic/salt/pepper together. Rub [raw] bacon with it, as well as a nice bottom round roast. Stab roast all over like it owes you a dollar. Stuff stab wounds with pieces of bacon. Sear all over. Put in a pot with potatoes, carrots, and a quarter of an onion. Cook until tender, slice, serve. It’s called a lit rocket in Mexican cuisine and it’s amazing.

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  • Kacie S September 4, 2009  


    But I see no drinks, only pumpkin soup in cups!

  • Andy F September 5, 2009  

    Don’t forget the bacon maple bar from Voodoo Doughnuts (that apparently inspired the french toast and bacon cupcakes above)

  • Pingback: happy international bacon day September 5, 2009  
  • Diane September 5, 2009  

    Oh God, this is some awesome food porn! Thank you for posting this…

  • gilcarvr September 5, 2009  

    i can feel my arteries closing and my heart atrophying as i type…

  • yumm September 5, 2009  

    I made some bacon after reading this wit honey, brown sugar, and cinnamon. It was weird, I never had bacon like that but it was pretty good.

  • Arjan September 6, 2009  

    Not much of a picture, but I recently made bacon-cheese rolls: http://www.aclearbluesky.net/pivot/entry.php?id=149.

  • alice September 8, 2009  

    Just posted the photos and recipe for Bacon Salted Caramel Pecan Bars.


  • Lora September 14, 2009  

    Just wondering, is there something wrong with a good old fashioned BLT? Nothing, but nothing, is better than a few crispy strips of bacon layered on lightly toasted white bread with crunchy lettuce and juicy tomato, sprinkled with salt and pepper and slathered with mayo….excuse me, I’m drooling…

  • Harlequin September 17, 2009  

    Peanut butter and jelly and banana and bacon sandwiches. That’s a PB&J&B&B. Best sandwich I’ve ever had.

  • Emily September 18, 2009  

    At my house, I drape bacon all over a chicken or turkey bound to be roasted. In the heat of the oven, the bacon fat melts and bastes the chicken/turkey. Take the bacon off 2/3 through cooking time, and you end up with chickenbacon (delish), and a perfectly moist chicken. MMM-mmm.

  • Digital Product Reviews September 18, 2009  

    Sweet Jesus, I’m drooling uncontrolably now.

  • Alex September 19, 2009  

    I have to say, I’m a vegetarian, and all these look AMAZING. I hate vegetarians that judge others for still eating meat, it took me so long to give it up, and bacon was a primary reason for that. My point is, if bacon is your only reason for continuing consumption of meat, I understand. It’s delicious.

  • Bacon Ice Cream September 22, 2009  

    Check out my bacon ice cream recipe!

  • vstoklosa October 11, 2009  

    F the shark. Bacon rules. Thanks for this site. Have you ever tried Alton Brown’s recipe for making your own bacon?

  • Jimbob October 25, 2009  

    Move over Jesus, bacon is our saviour now.

    Seriously, the smell of cooking bacon is what turned my wife into a carnivore again.

  • Chef Maven November 10, 2009  

    well well well, my little one – I had to share this on FB – the photos and recipes are oinky great! mm mm mm I can smell them from here…. this little piggy went to the market…. this little piggy stayed home, this little piggy wish they had all these recipes, and this little piggy had none, but this little piggy screamed all the heck way to home – since he saw both his father and aunt in the fabulous photos!

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  • The Butcher Block January 22, 2010  

    Gotta love bacon!

  • Pingback: A Bacon Tale | GoodNCrazy March 4, 2010  
  • lalaine May 18, 2010  
  • Tagg Gnostic June 5, 2010  

    Grilled peanut butter, brown sugar and bacon sandwich on whole wheat.
    the only trick is to lightly toast the bread first so it doesn’t get soggy.

  • Pingback: 100 Ways to Use a strip of Bacon June 7, 2010  
  • Noel August 15, 2010  

    Came here via Stumbled Upon. You are a genius.

  • Pingback: One More for the List | Endless Simmer November 8, 2010  
  • Pingback: Friday Fuck Up: The Carbonara Scramble January 9, 2011  
  • rizmec January 25, 2011  

    I have a repertoire of around a hundred appetizers I serve at parties, but by far the most admired, and simplest is “African Rumaki” – or chunks of banana wrapped in bacon, sprinkled with Cayenne pepper and broiled. I first tasted this in the Ivory Coast 20 years ago, and my children now serve it to their thrilled teenage friends…

  • Stoned Chef September 17, 2011  

    Thanks for sharing.. Heres my recipe for chocolate covered bacon. Enjoy!http://www.stonedchef.com/2009/11/chocolate-covered-bacon/

  • Bacoonnn. :D February 12, 2012  

    You guys shoulda shown some of the stuff Epic Meal Time does with bacon. Hahaha

  • Joe February 28, 2012  

    How about adding the “scotch egg” with a bacon layer. bacon wrapped egg that is then wrapped with a ground sausage and deep fried. Serve with some HP and delicious.

  • John March 18, 2012  

    Google “Benton’s smoky bacon”. Order 4 pounds. When it arrives, fry some. Experience real bacon. Harrington’s Vermont corn cob smoked bacon is also amazing. “Thall shalt have no other bacons before me”.

  • Jessi @ PracticallyFunctional April 15, 2012  

    I just wrote a post about Bacon-Wrapped Dates, they are amazingly delicious. Like, almost started a fight over the last one delicious!


  • Meg May 3, 2012  

    Well bacon isn’t the healthiest food but I have to admit that it boosts flavor in any dish. A scrambled eggs with bacon is so simple but so delicious. And how about scallops, shrimps or asparagus wrapped in bacon. I simply cannot resist bacon!

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