Drinkin’ Beers and Shootin’ Guns

grilling corn

I thought my iPhone was the best thing that ever happened to me. And it almost was. Actually, maybe I just need to pay $1.99 to WordPress and it will be the creature of my desire.

So I was at this kick as event at Whipple Farms over the weekend. I ate fresh from the farm, actually, here’s the menu.


So 80P, Britannia and his boy Deej, and I ate and drank (well, they downed Peronis and I sucked on water due to the bachelorette party I helped throw the night before). The farm was lovely. As much as I love the sense of drama from living in a city, I truly appreciated the freshness of green all around me. It was sunny and breezy and the reggae band kicked ass.

I also shot a gun. First time. It was heavy. Remarkably heavy. And awkward. I didn’t like the feel of the metal brushing my cheek and I surely didn’t like the bruise the gun left on my bicep. But now I can say I shot a gun and still wish for the strictest gun control laws. And, fine, maybe it was cool for a second.

Actually, here, this is me shooting a gun.

Anyway, back to the iPhone. So as the boys were chugging I was dreading the long drive home, not just for the dark country driving, but because I had no idea what my blog post would be for Monday. And then I realized the magic of my iPhone. I used the WordPress app and started to blog, right there on the farm. I know that wasn’t very nature-like of me, but hey, I’ve got a job to do.

chicken on the grill

All I really wrote about was how much I loved my iPhone and how freaking cool it was that I could blog, sitting on the grass of a biodynamic farm in Rixeyville, Virginia.

But then it didn’t work. When I got home to continue writing I couldn’t find the post. I was pisted. I then wrote about another version of Jiffy corncake.

Back to the farm. This event, publicized by the totally hysterical food writer for Brightest Young Things, Alex, was really about two restaurant openings. The places, which won’t open in DC until 2010, will be farm focused. Both restaurants will rely on Whipple for much of the produce.


I like this. I really like this. I just hope all parties retain their scruples. Don’t serve tomatoes year round. Don’t showcase butternut squash in the spring. Don’t underestimate the DC dining scene. I’ve interviewed way too many industry folks who refuse to follow the seasonal output because they think people can’t live without a tomato and mozzarella salad in December. Fuck them, I say. If people can’t find love in the petals of a brussel sprout then they can fucking go to a corporate dragon off the highway.

Of course, I’m not the one trying to make money off of selling food. I don’t know how to run a restaurant. But I think there’s a sea change tempting America’s palate. And I think it’s called – eat what grows now. And luckily, tomatoes are now.


(happy birthday rooms!)

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  • Maids July 28, 2009  

    That video of you shooting a gun is pretty damn terrifying

  • Maids July 28, 2009  

    especially since I know how hungover you must have been 🙂

  • ras July 28, 2009  

    nice write-up and awesome afternoon on the farm!! no pics of the bands though?

  • Britannia July 28, 2009  

    When gansie called me early afternoon to coordinate rides I actually thought it was 80P, she was THAT hungover she sounded like a dude!

  • gansie July 28, 2009  

    and totally forgot to mention – the farm offered valet parking. it was an outrageously misplaced service, but awesome that it was free.

  • Gee July 28, 2009  

    next time you go shooting call me!

  • LC July 28, 2009  

    You are dominating that iPhone. You’ve come a long way, baby. Incidentally, speaking of wildly misplaced valet service, I went to a posh steakhouse in Atlanta which had a valet for their parking lot. ?? I fell down after dinner in said parking lot which discredited my up to then extremely eloquent reasoning that we could walk to our car faster than the valet was.

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