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– ESers don’t have much confidence in Padma Lakshmi’s sitcom hopes. harleytexas:

What a great show it will be, she’s such a talent and shines on Top Chef, it’s a sure-fire hit. Wow, what a load of shit I just wrote. No talent, not interesting and grating on the nerves…wheeeeeeeeeeeee!

C. Christy Concrete makes a fair point:

Whatever it is, it’s doomed to failure if her cleavage remains deeper than any potential story plots or character developments.

I’d say that’s debatable.

miked is all for cereal with your beer:

I think you could pour a nice chocolate stout over a bowl of cocoa krispies. young’s for instance. also old rasputin is thick enough too. you could also brew a chocolate stout with cocoa krispies… at least the added sugars would be fermentable. itd probably impart some chocolate flavor. god knows what effect all the chemicals and additives would have on it tho.

While Jens points us towards some actual cereal-beer-instructions.

– And Hakuna Fritatta wins both best blog name and comment of the week for their thought’s on Rachael Ray’s risotto:

After airing 24,685 (approximately) dishes that can be made in less than half an hour, Rachael Ray apparently ran out of good ideas, said “screw it,” and invented what has to be the most ridiculous pasta dish ever to grace the airwaves.>>>

Oh no, I believe that happened a minimum of 3 years ago, which was contemporaneous with the start of her phoning it in and making up recipes by pulling them out of her ever-expanding ass.

BTW, must disagree with Summer saying the dish looks tasty. I think it looks like Worms and Cat Poop. And FWIW, when she first aired the making of spaghetti cooked like risotto she claimed it was “a classic Northern Italian dish.” My honey is also a classic Northern Italian dish, so I asked him about it. Result: he never heard of such a thing and thought it sounded dreadful.

PS– I showed him this blog post and he says “if this is Northern Italian it must be NE Italian from near Yugoslavia. Near the French border it simply doesn’t exist.

(Photo: Food Network)

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