Sandwich Making Time


80P is in serious finals mode. I think he has something like writing four papers in four days. While I can’t help his regression model, or something like that, I can for sure buy him some studying food. What’s easier to eat than a sandwich while compiling a literature review?

And I swear, I was sandwichin‘ before I saw the WaPo’s ode to this fine invention.

But, I have to say, I surely haven’t been eating sandwiches like I used to. I don’t usually follow trends (fine, I wear skinny jeans and my leggings have stirrups) but the no-carb phenom forced me to reconsider my pasta and bagel habits. Not that I ever gave them up completely, but the monitoring was there. And I tried to ingest only whole wheat ones at that. But at Monday night’s Bestway, a desolated bread aisle was found and I had to choose either buttermilk flavored Wonderbread or six inch sub rolls…

So with my sub rolls and a few fillings back in the fridge it was sandwich makin’ time.


Curried Fish Salad Sandwich

With leftover flounder, simply cooked with oil, salt, pepper, it was easy to change its flavor: I went in the way of curry. I chopped up the fish and mixed it with diced, browned (not technically carmelized) onions and garlic, curry powder, freshly grated ginger, scallions, parsley, yogurt and lime juice. And I’ll be honest, I pulled out some of the inners of the roll, but that was really so I could stuff more food into the sandwich. On the bottom of the roll I lined it with wilted swiss chard and on the top I layed thinly sliced cucumber rounds. Thinking back, I wish I would have added a bit more heat – maybe mix in harissa paste? diced serrano? roasted poblano slices?

Turkey, Ham and Bacon Sub

Clearly this was 80’s sandwich. Barely a veggie in sight. This is fairly straightfoward with one genius move. Instead of discarading bacon grease, like I usually do (and I plan on reserving in the future like a good Southerner’s girlfriend), I brushed the inside of the roll with its flavor. I then crumbled three slices of deli ham and and two slices of deli turkey, sprinkled on browned onions and garlic and bacon and then topped with sliced havarti. I let it warm up, just until the cheese melted, under the broiler for not even 30 seconds and then artfully squirted mayo and spicy mustard on top and seasoned it with Bojanglesfrench fry salt.

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  • erica April 30, 2009  

    That’s why they call it “Business Sandwich”!!

    (sorry, I couldn’t help myself)

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