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Good Friday breakfast the way Jesus would have wanted it.

– THANKS to everyone who emailed about joining the ES blogging team. It may take us a minute but we’ll get back to all of you.

– As far as gefilte fish goes, JoeHoya is tired of the “_______ is the new bacon” meme: I don’t care how amazing (or, conversely, how daring/perverse) gefilte fish is…any comparison to bacon is just wrong. Bacon is clearly the new bacon.

westcoast is A-OK with PETA’s sexy ads: Your argument lost me a little. I believe that PETA’s campaigns are always a little over the top (today’s news is that they have asked the Pet Shop Boys to change their name — or a few weeks ago the news that fish should be called “sea kittens” (as if we really treat kittens as a whole that well)). Perhaps PETA is just trying to say to those who think vegetarians are weird, pale, fragile beings that vegetarians can actually be hot and they aren’t all weird. Sometimes it takes campaigns like this to affect the closed-minded.

But Valerie thinks they’ve gone too far: The book “Skinny Bitch” pisses me off too. I read the excerpt that is available through Amazon’s “search inside” feature and right off the bat they ban coffee and beer. Two of my favorite things! Anyway, I’m in agreement on the bigger point here: there are a lot of good reasons to go vegetarian, but PETA has honed in on possibly the worst reason.

And Pinch o Minch gets right to the point: Heavens to betsy that has to be GORE-TEX sock.

– You ESers are full of bright ideas for perfecting that hummus recipe:

Lisa: My only explanation is prompted by an article Cook’s Illustrated ran on hummus a while back, where they noted that superior hummus requires removing the skins from the chickpeas. In untypical Cook’s fashion, they conceded that there was no way to do this that wasn’t tedious, so they offered their next-best version. So maybe that’s Sabra’s secret: skinning the chickpeas for superior texture.

City Girl: I think the texture has to do with extra tahini + soybean oil + the use of fresh chickpeas. I have had good luck recreating the texture and flavor by using some olive oil with extra tahini and lots of lemon to cut on the tahini – and also running the food processor twice as long as seems necessary for hummus.

But Maids is not on board:  The “so fresh” taste = potassium sorbate and sodium benzoate. um yum? I have to say, I’d rather fresh made hummus any day. Analogy: Sabra is to Natural Hummus as Jiffy is to salted Natural Peanut Butter.

(Photo: Fork in the Road. Thanks for the link, westcoast)

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  • City Girl April 10, 2009  

    Thanks for the shoutout 🙂

  • Rebecca April 11, 2009  

    Save the peeps!

  • westcoast April 11, 2009  

    Hey…that looks like a picture of stir fried peeps that I made?? J/k. Thanks for the shout out…totally unexpected!

  • Lisa April 13, 2009  

    That sitr fried peeps recipe is great. If possible, you found a way to make their color look even more unnatural: by mixing them with something healthy.

  • Valerie April 14, 2009  

    Hey thanks for the shoutout! (The link appears to be broken tho.)

  • BS April 14, 2009  

    fixed 🙂

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