ES Needs a Few Good Writers


Have you ever read Endless Simmer and thought, “I could write something better than this crap”?

Well, we’re calling your bluff.

As ES continues to expand, we’re looking to add a few new bloggers to the mix. If you’ve got something to say about food, drinks, food TV, food-like products, or really anything even remotely food-related, we’re talking to you.

The Details: As you may have noticed, we’re doing this for the love, not the money, so unfortunately there’s no pay (at least for now). But you do get the chance to put your words in front of thousands of hungry readers every day, and there might even be some free booze in it for you somewhere down the line. As you also may have noticed, you don’t need a degree from Le Cordon Bleu to write for ES. You just need to be passionate about some aspect of food, whether it’s molecular gastronomy or the best way to do whippets. Oh, and you should have:

– Something fresh, original and creative to say about food. We’re looking for a little more than “this is what I ate last night.” Does your cooking style make people laugh? Do you eat at restaurants we’ve never heard of? Are you Padma Lakshmi’s personal assistant?

– A basic understanding of blogging software, or willingness to learn (it’s not that hard).

– Good spelling, grammar and all the rest of that stuff.

If you’re up for it: Shoot us an email ( and let us know what kind of posts you’d like to write for ES. If you’ve got an idea for a new column or recurring feature, that would be even better.

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