Fettuccine In a Sea of Injera


Over Inauguration weekend, 80P and I crashed a dinner for Liza’s out of town guests. Her friend was in from, um, Nebraska or Iowa or North Dakota, no wait, Montana. And Liza wanted to show off DC’s Ethiopian food. Unfortunately, everyone else in the city thought the same.

We finally found a place that wouldn’t be over an hour wait. But that was only after we spotted an Italian restaurant, La Carbonara, in Little Ethiopia. I scanned the outside menu and pledged to come back: there was fettuccine alfredo to be had.

And so I’ve returned. Actually a few times. I’ve gotten to know Chu Chu, the owner and sometimes chef. I’ve also gotten to slurp down plenty of creamy noodles.

I love Chu Chu’s story: He grew up in Ethiopia, then worked in an Italian restaurant in Italy, then opened up an Ethiopian restaurant in Italy and now lives in the United States and owns an Italian restaurant in Little Ethiopia.

Confused? Read on.

Hidden Pleasure: Italian Restaurant La Carbonara [Express]

Photo: Express

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  • Maids April 6, 2009  

    I’ll have to go back and try the food now that I’ve fully sampled the delicious libations. P.S. they pour a healthy glass of wine of relatively cheap wine!

  • BS April 6, 2009  

    That pizza actually looks really good. Different, but good. If I went into a counter pizzeria in New York and got served that, I’d be pissed. But I don’t think you’re allowed to walk into an Italian restaurant in Little Ethiopia in DC and expect the pizza to be exactly how you’ve had it everywhere else.

  • chris April 6, 2009  

    I’m not Italian and have a nice flat, Midwestern accent. Can I just ask for the “real stuff” with the carbonara?

  • melissa April 6, 2009  

    I like this place, too. Nice work!

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