A Step Up From Blue Raspberry Blow Pops


Oh, food world. You’ve really gone and done it now.

I found this amazingness/ridiculousness in a gift bag following a press event last week at Fiamma. (Yes, it’s closed, but they’ve still got a branch open in Vegas so they flew chef Carlos Buscaglia in to preview his truffle-tastic spring menu.)

I just felt the need to share with you all that such a thing exists.

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  • Maids April 2, 2009  

    someone recently explained to me that chocolate truffles are not made from a mixture of a truffle mushroom and the cacao bean. I’ve never cared for chocolate so I simply didn’t know…. and well…. I assumed (which as we all know makes an ass out of me – but gives u all a nice chuckle at my expense)

  • jenn April 2, 2009  

    that’s like not even fair.

  • gansie April 2, 2009  

    so what’s it taste like!

  • Maids April 2, 2009  

    @ gansie – mushrooms!

  • Maids April 2, 2009  

    correction: fancy mushrooms

  • BS April 3, 2009  

    I know this sounds pretentious, but I really never know how to describe truffle-y things. Kinda earthy, but in a rich, hearty way. Weird to eat in licking form, but kinda great.

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