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Happy April Fool’s Day, everyone!  You know…it’s that day where everyone expends time and energy playing hilarious practical jokes on completely unsuspecting friends and colleagues.  It’s AWESOME.

On a completely unrelated note, I have some good news!  I’m proud to announce that I will be getting my very own show on the Food Network.  It’s going to be called The Voracious Blogger and, instead of actually cooking, I’m just going to go around and make smart-ass, critical comments about food cooked by actual chefs.  ‘Cuz that’s what we bloggers do…amIright?!?!

– In addition to the news about high-profile chefs at the new Yankee Stadium, we get word that there will be a number of Food Network stands at the ballpark.  Word is that there will be appearances by Food Network talent, too.  I can’t wait until they have Robert Irvine there so he can talk about his six years as a backup third baseman for the Pittsburgh Pirates and Oakland A’s.  Oh, wait…that didn’t really happen?

– Anthony Bourdain fully expects to make waves with his next book, which he’s calling “a post–Kitchen Confidential look at how the industry has changed.”  Let’s not kid ourselves…you know you’re going to buy it.  Just try not to embarrass yourself at the book signing, OK?

– Speaking of Tony…what happens when he realizes that nemesis Rachael Ray is also a fan of the pre-“Hot, Hot, Hot” Buster Poindexter/David Johansen-led proto-punk legend New York Dolls?  Confusion ensues, and threats of fruit baskets and dead puppies abound.  As for the fruit basket, it looks like Rachael beat him to the punch

After the jump…a new way to get your Colicchi-fix and this week’s obituary.

– Tom Colicchio has a new cookbook out that features sandwiches from his ‘wichcraft restaurant.  Last step in each recipe?  “Serve with hand-cut truffled pomme frites and a frosty glass of Diet Coca-Cola.”

– Oh, Chopping Blockwe hardly knew ye!  No, literally–I couldn’t pay attention to the show long enough to figure out what the hell was going on.

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