Top 10 Cake-in-the-Face Shots (Happy Birthday Gansie!)

(Photo: killrbeez)

Hooray! ES Mid-Atlantic Bureau Chief Gansie is turning 2X years old tomorrow. I’d bake you a cake, gansie, but we all know I don’t so much as own measuring cups. What I would enjoy doing is giving you a good old-fashioned cake facing. But in the interests of not ruining your make-up, I’m giving you what I know you really want instead — a solid Top 10 link-bait post.

In honor of gansie’s golden birthday, I’ve compiled a list of the web’s best cake-in-the-face photos. Some were forced, others intentional, all delicious. Enjoy.

10. The “no, seriously guys, that wasn’t funny” face:

(Photo: killrbeez)

9. The “I didn’t get any on me, did I?” face:

(Photo: Mr. Wright)

8. The “I can’t believe I ate the whole cake” face:

(Photo: Bethography)

7. The “ooh, I kinda liked that” face:

(Photo: maubrowncow)

6. The artsy cake of the day face:

(Photo: Amarand Agasi)

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  • Britannia March 27, 2009  

    Happy Birthday Gansie!

  • BunnygotBlog March 27, 2009  

    This is pretty funny. I always love the wedding reception bride/groom feeding each other cake. It varies sometime they are so careful then others playful and get the cake all over each others face.
    Happy Birthday Gansie !

  • 80 Proof March 28, 2009  

    Happy Birthday for realz!

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  • Leslie Haywood March 31, 2009  

    Love it love it love it!!

  • Karin March 31, 2009  

    Oh my, what a mess!

  • Alison March 31, 2009  

    My 9 year old daughter won’t stop laughing! Thanks for livening up our evening.

  • Amarand Agasi November 9, 2010  

    Ooh, loving the context here! I also like having my face, covered in cake, called “artsy.” I look a bit evil in that shot, too. *Laughs*

  • pumbaa April 25, 2011  

    hahahahahaha very nice pics.check also the video “Cake in the face/Veeeery funny laugh” if you want

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