This is Only a Test


This is only a test. Repeat, this is only a test of the Gansie Pass Out System. Had this been a real pass out emergency, this post would have been followed after the jump by a picture of Gansie passed out before she could write her Monday morning post.



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  • KMango March 23, 2009  

    Ha ha, thanks for the smile. The “Share and Enjoy” stamp at the bottom adds extra amusement.

  • Michael March 23, 2009  


  • Maids March 23, 2009  

    the only thing better than food is sleep

  • belmontmedina March 23, 2009  

    omfg, is that an Iggles blanket?!?!

  • Yvo March 23, 2009  

    Think someone may be due for an ass-beating (actually I don’t know enough about your relationship to make that call, but I know if a like pic was posted of me… there would be a beatdown!) 😉

  • Britannia March 23, 2009  

    So peaceful, you should cherish these moments!

  • gansie March 23, 2009  

    @yvo – as long as my nails look good, im okay w/ pap style photography

  • Mariah Carey March 23, 2009  

    This is very familiar. Except it’s usually a scene from a workday following a pretty intense night out at the local gay bars. (mexican take out trash on nearby coffee table optional).

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