So Hungry I Could Eat a Horse…Seriously


Wow. We knew Americans were having trouble affording their truffles and their foie gras, but we had no idea  things had gotten this bad.

An unemployed Miami resident is being charged with misdemenor animal cruelty for picking a dead horse up off the side of the road and taking it home for dinner:

It was the day before Thanksgiving, and I had eaten horse years before. It’s high in fiber. Whenever you’re low in fiber, just eat a piece of horse. My dad used to take me to buy it at local farms (my father was from Argentina, my mother’s from Cuba). The farmers kill it right there or keep it in the fridges. You got to know somebody, for them to come out with the horse meat. Not just anybody can go in and say, ‘Hey, can I have some horse meat?’

He’s being charged under suspicion of killing the horse, but claims all he did was try to eat it. Gotta love this tease of an ending:

I don’t think picking up a horse in four pieces should be a crime. Yeah, I do admit that I should’ve found a better place to put the horse remains. I’ve had a couple of misdemeanors before, but never animal cruelty or anything like that. You know, I have a cat.

Is that have a cat or had?

[Miami New Times]

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  • gansie March 10, 2009  

    i was hoping he’d get more into the texture of the horse, but nice to know of its healthful qualities

  • Yvo March 11, 2009  

    Have you read The Shameless Carnivore? Pretty interesting book. Anyway, he talks about how some people eat roadkill, provided it’s fairly freshly killed (for sanitary reasons). I’m surprised whoever hit the horse and killed it wasn’t still there though – if you hit a deer, your car usually gets pretty messed up, and I’d imagine a horse is similar, no?
    Also, about horse and how it tastes, I’m reading “It seemed like a good idea at the time” by Moira Hodgson (so far, great read!), and she mentions accidentally buying horse meat thinking they were cheap steaks (it was another country where I guess her language skills weren’t that strong at the time). She mentions them being slightly tougher than steaks with a slight gamey taste to it.
    Hope that helps 😉

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