Celeb Chef Caught With Her Pants Down

Hey, I know you wanna see some footage of a female Food Network star’s ass, right?

Giada?  No.

Aida?  Nope, not her either.

CatIngridRobinSandraSunny?   No, no, no, no and no.

How about Paula Deen?  For reasons that escape logic, that butter-loving maniac was showing off her butt at the South Beach food festival and, well, gravity did what gravity has a habit of doing.  Fortunately, there was someone shooting video of the whole episode, so now you can watch it and be so emotionally scarred that you’ll never be able to eat dumplin’s again.

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  • Maids March 5, 2009  

    was that on purpose? I’m confused

  • Maids March 5, 2009  

    and saddened

  • BS March 5, 2009  

    so. bizarre – it seems like she was trying to show just a bit of it and the whole thing fell out? but why was she flashing it around to begin with?

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