Top Chef Finale Guessing Game — Win Top Chef Prizes!

What a long, crazy season it’s been. Top Chef 5 finally comes to a conclusion Wednesday night when Carla, Stefan and Hosea will compete for the title in New Orleans. Of course there will be surprise twists (shocker!), while both Gail Simmons and Toby Young will be back to judge.

To celebrate, ES is giving you a chance to guess the outcome of the finale — and one lucky winner will receive a copy of Top Chef: The Cookbook (signed by a mystery chef’testant) and a 2009 Top Chef calendar!

Here’s the contest: Leave in the comments your guesses for what ingredients the champion Top Chef will use in the final episode. You get five guesses, and whoever picks the most correct items wins. Tiebreaker goes to the person who correctly predicts the winner. For example, here are my guesses:

1. Bacon
2. Scallops
3. Sriracha
4. Cranberries
5. Andouille Sausage
Winner: Carla

Rules: All guesses must be left in the comments of this post by 9:59pm this Wednesday evening, and you only get the point if the winner tomorrow uses your ingredient at any moment in the episode. Don’t be a smartass — you can’t guess “salt,” or “olive oil” or anything dumb like that, nor can you be overly broad and guess “fruit” or “pork.” All disputes will be settled by Padma Lakshmi and/or yours truly.

Remember, the winner will get a Top Chef cookbook and official calendar so think hard! Leave your guesses below, then join us Wednesday night as we live blog the Top Chef finale and crown our own winner.

Don’t remember what they use all the time on Top Chef? Check out our exit interviews from this season:

Fabio: I’ll be back

Leah: I’m not a whore

Jamie: I could give a shit about Top Chef

Jeff: Fabio cuts his own hair

Radhika: Hosea’s my favorite

Ariane: Leah fucked me over

Melissa and Gene: It’s all rigged anyway

Danny: Can’t believe I didn’t make it to the football challenge

Alex: Get rid of Rocco

Richard: I can’t stop crying

Jill: I really thought the ostrich egg was gonna be awesome

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  • The Hungry Mouse February 24, 2009  

    Alrighty, I’m game! Here’s my guess:

    1. duck
    2. truffles
    3. nutmeg
    4. cabbage
    5. puff pastry
    Winner: Stefan

  • Katie February 24, 2009  

    1. Cod.
    2. Bacon.
    3. Artichokes.
    4. Grits.
    5. Lemons.
    Winner: Stefan.

  • Molly February 24, 2009  

    1. Gator Tail
    2. crawfish
    3. Long grain white rice
    4. Roux
    5. Trinity (a staple in Cajun Cuisine)
    Winner Carla

  • Sarah February 24, 2009  

    1. Rattlesnake
    2. Cayenne Pepper
    3. Andouille
    4. Chicken
    5. Rice
    Winner: Carla

  • Alex February 24, 2009  

    1. Andouille
    2. crawfish
    3. corn
    4. cabbage
    5. roux
    Winner: Carla

  • Chris February 24, 2009  

    Smoked paprika
    Foie gras
    Winner: Stefan

  • Frame February 24, 2009  

    Craw fish
    Cayenne Pepper
    Winner: Stefan

  • Leahsucks February 24, 2009  

    Winner: Carla!

  • La Morgan February 24, 2009  

    1. Crab
    2. Pecans
    3. Tasso
    4. Sassafras
    5. Celery
    Winner: Stefan (although I’d rather it’s Carla)

  • Maids February 24, 2009  

    1. Tomato
    2. Shrimp
    3. Sausage
    4. Paprika
    5. File powder or fresh
    Winner: CARLA

  • Leah February 24, 2009  

    1. catfish
    2. pate a choux
    3. andouille
    4. grits
    5. collards
    Winner: Carla!

  • Sue February 24, 2009  

    1. lobster
    2. veal
    3. eggs
    4. truffle
    5. parsnip
    winner: Carla!

  • KMango February 24, 2009  

    Quail Egg
    Andouille Sausage

    Winner: Stephan

  • BS's Mom February 25, 2009  


    Winner: Hosea (but prefer Carla)

  • ben! February 25, 2009  

    andouille sausage
    winner:hosea! stephan will crack, carla just doesn’t have it.

  • Queen February 25, 2009  


  • JoeHoya February 25, 2009  

    Does ‘love’ count as an ingredient?

    1. duck
    2. polenta
    3. mushrooms
    4. crab
    5. lemon

  • JoeHoya February 25, 2009  

    and for the tiebreaker: Carla to win (totally in the tank for her).

  • muffin February 25, 2009  

    1. fois gras
    2. lobster
    3. butter
    4. cream
    5. truffle

    Winner: Stefan!

  • Norsie February 25, 2009  

    1) Alligator (I cheat, I saw the preview…might not be her tho!)
    2) paprika
    3) okra
    4) lemon
    5) peas

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