Feed Us Back: Comments of the Week

-Everyone has their own idea for what the best movie food scene is.

Maids: Are you kidding me! You missed When Harry Met Sally public orgasm simulation where granma says, “I’ll have what she’s having!!!”!

Leahsucks: “Hook” The pretend food with the lost boys. I used to do that when I was little and I had to eat something nasty, like brussel sprouts (which of course I now love).

KitKat: A Christmas Story….my favorite is when the kid eats his mashed potatoes like a piggy. Also the Chinese Restaurant scene when they cut off the duck’s head….fra, ra, ra, ra, fra, fra, ra, ra

kasia: mostly, I just protest that omission of “Little Sizzling Belly” in Hot Shots! which is surely a classic.

Moira: 1. Pope of Greenwich Village – when the cousin is eating an amazing looking hero in that little park at bleeker and 6th. Sorta obscure but worth a look for the sandwich and old school Greenwich Village scenery at least.
2. Godfather – when clemeza is trying to teach Micheal how to make the gravy. Because the godfather has to be part of every movie list and I really want to taste that sauce. Of course clemeza saying “leave the gun take the canolis” is also classic.
3. Moonstruck – The kitchen and cooking scenes from this movie are top notch. Damn I want to see the movie again right now!
Weird – I have a preference for Italian food, new york and movies from the 70’s.

– And we’ve also got some good guesses for where Obama will eat next:

miked: Meskerem, Dukem or some Ethiopian joint–we do have the largest community in the country, right?

Eick: I think an Ethiopian place is a good guess. I’m going to go a different route: Agraria – shows Barack’s commitment to family farms and responsible farming.

Gee Money: Michelle O. and Michelle Fenty were spotted at Georgia Browns downtown a few weeks ago. But I’m sticking with an Ethnic Theme, but bringing it home. Rasika.

Rubygirl: Old Ebbitt Grill close to his home or maybe Oceanaire for a seafood fix.

Keep those guesses coming for a chance to win! He hasn’t been spotted anywhere new yet, so voting is still open.

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  • Michael Wild February 24, 2009  

    What about “Water for Chocolate”? One of the ultimate cooking flicks. Her emotions at the time of cooking affect all those who eat what she prepares.

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