Top 10 All-Time George W. Bush Food Moments

5. Party Foul

Speaking of drinking, W. swears he quit the habit decades ago, but as these past 8 years dragged on, it became increasingly clear to everyone that this could not possibly be the case. So it made a lot of sense when we finally caught him downing a brewski while on another one of those crazy G-8 weekend getaways with Tony B. and Angela and the gang. The worst part of this video isn’t Bush pouring the beer so miserably that it overflows all overย  the table, it’s that he then swoops in for a slurping-the-foam move, thinking this fixes the problem and there’s no need to clean up after himself. Dubya leans back and giggles to himself, clearly pleased that he’s pulled another fast one, and unaware of those omnipresent cameras behind him. Seriously, has anyone told him about YouTube yet?

4. TurkeyGate Revisited


I mean, come on, George! Ever single other president has had to take part in this stupid Thanksgiving turkey-pardoning ceremony, and none of them liked it, but how are you the only one who ended up making a fool out of yourself year after year? I don’t even know what’s going on in this photo, but can you imagine Teddy Roosevelt or John Kennedy ever, ever, stumbling into a photo-op this bad? How do you do it, George? Seriously, tell us. And no, Sarah Palin is even dumber than I am is not the appropriate answer.

3. Bush Eats Pubes

It’s true. Ask anyone.

2.Happy Birthday, Mr. Senator


Here’s Bushie licking the frosting off his hands after sharing a delicious 700th birthday cake with his good frenemy John McCain. What’s so embarrassing about that, you ask? Oh, just that this little cake-eating shindig took place on August 29,2005, when a major American city just happened to be under water. You’re doin’ a heckuva job, foodie.

1. The Incident

Just less than one year after starting his first term, an event would shock the world and define George W. Bush’s presidency forever. While relaxing at home and watching a peaceful NFL football fame, W. suddenly choked on a wayward pretzel particle, broke a blood vessel on his cheek, fell off the couch, and slipped unconscious until awakened by his faithful dog Barney. Again, this is not urban legend but yet another thing that actually happened to our fearless leader. Only to you, W, and only in America.

It’s been a long 8 years. Happy Obama! Bring on the arugula.

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  • jess January 19, 2009  

    “the eating with his mouth full”…I’m sure you meant talking with his mouth full, as it is hard to eat without food in your mouth, but it still gave me a good laugh this morning ๐Ÿ™‚

  • kang at LE January 19, 2009  

    I miss him already , we ‘misunderestimated’ him after all ๐Ÿ™‚

  • gansie January 19, 2009  

    that fake turkey is TERRIBLE

  • Jacky January 19, 2009  

    Love it!!!

  • Terry Ferro January 19, 2009  

    So where is the good will everyone is trying to foster?
    Would you like all your college crazies posted here years later?
    Hope ES does not have to eat any of their words.

  • WorldAsUnwill January 20, 2009  

    If we can include extended family, how about Bush Senior’s refusal to eat broccoli?

  • Batocchio January 20, 2009  

    Good roundup! The fake turkey is a classic – just like those often used in (other) commercials. I do think H.W. Bush deserves a bit of a pass, though, since he took anti-nausea medication beforehand that didn’t work, and in the end, the younger Bush certainly induced more nausea than his dad.

  • Sam Sotiropoulos January 22, 2009  

    A good round-up! I needed a good laugh and Bush Jr. is always good for that! lol

  • Steve January 22, 2009  

    Much as I am overjoyed to see the worst president in the history of the country bid adios, I have to back him up on one of your items – you actually can eat corn raw, if it’s truly fresh as in just picked. It’s different from cooked corn, as any raw veggie is different from its cooked counterpart, but still delicious.

  • Summer January 23, 2009  

    And I’m afraid I have to knock down #5. It’s true enough that he made a mess of drinking it, but I recognize that bottle of beer. It’s Buckler, an imported non-alcoholic beer. But dude, learn to pour. Don’t tell me that’s the way they do it in Texas.

  • erica February 2, 2011  

    you don’t have to cook corn, that made me laugh.

  • Laura October 15, 2011  

    I found your blog on Stumble, and was enjoying it up to this post. Are you people ever capable of having fun without screaming about George W. Bush? Where are the Sarah Palin food moments so you can fling poo at her too?
    I suppose I should have guessed. Most “foodies” are pretentious liberal twits. Goodbye.

  • And the Pursuit of Happiness April 26, 2012  

    I was attracted here by the “President eats kitten” pix. Outrageous. And well-done on the commentary.

    As silly, crazy and pretentious as our dear George W. was, he was also one scary SOB. His administration was guilty of a number of crimes.
    * Destroying evidence at the scene of the biggest crime in American history (9/11).
    * Dragging his feet to start an investigation into 9/11.
    * Conflicts of interest in the formation of the investigating committee which delivered a deplorable and question-riddled report.

    But what might be even more scary is that he may have been involved with those who perpetrated 9/11, and then blamed it on someone else — a convenient patsy.

    Marvin Bush worked with the security company which oversaw the WTC before 9/11. This might only be a curious fact, except that it takes months to prepare buildings of that size for controlled demolition and the ones doing it need security access. And WTC7 included the CIA and IRS, so they most assuredly had some notable security. But all 3 buildings came down at near perfect free-fall speeds. Only a controlled demolition could have allowed that to happen. Ask the more than 1000 architects and engineers at

    And even more scary? Bush accelerated the national debt far above its already insane levels. When Iraq was shown not to be involved in 9/11 and not to have WMD’s, did we withdraw with apologies? No, “stay the course,” right over the cliff.

    And now, our dear, silver-tongued devil, Obama has broken nearly all of his campaign promises and skyrocketed Bush’s outrageous debt level.

    $15.5 TRILLION in debt and ACCELERATING. Thanks to both Obama and Bush. And it’s gonna pop!

    The obvious conclusion is that our recent presidents and congress have, for the most part, been working with the 1% to trash America. How can this be said? Insane debt, shredding the liberties guaranteed in the Constitution and Bill of Rights, empire building, and international bullying. We’ve become the “evil empire.”

    Elect Ron Paul. Prevent our future enslavement to the 1% — debtor’s prison for America under Trillions in debt and a worthless dollar.

  • SPC Tanner August 17, 2012  

    I’m calling major B.S. on number 10. I arrived in Baghdad about a week or two before the President showed up and I had eaten at that very same D-Fac just before joining my unit 2/6INF, 1AD at Camp Muleskinner. The Bob Hope D-Fac at BIAP where W showed up was top notch and at Camp Muleskinner we ate like Kings for Thanksgiving as well. For dinner we had tons of Turkey and Ham, the real deal, then a couple of hours later they were serving all kinds of seafood. We were blown away with how much amazing food they had for us. I don’t know where you are getting this report that we were fed “cafeteria-style slop” but you are completely wrong. The bird in the pic might be fake but nothing else was.

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