Food: Not So Depressing

[youtube 3OPQqH3YlHA]

I don’t know what to write.  I just came home from a bar.  I’m supposed to preview this article I wrote about Clara.

Clara is this wonderfully, funny 93 year old woman.  A total YouTube wonder….waiting to happen.  But I found her.  The wrinkles in her face remind me of my grandmother.  The way she brags about her grandchildren remind me of my grandmother.  The way she peels vegetables reminds me of my grandmother.  It’s hard for me to watch her without missing my grandmother.

But, yet, I’m glad there is someone to remind me of her, to remind me a harsher time.  For surely, 2009 is not 1929.  Meet Clara, The Depression Cook.

Great Depression Cooking with Clara [Express]

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  • Maidelitala January 9, 2009  

    she says she’s 91 not 93 gans….

  • gansie January 9, 2009  

    check the year the video was made, sweetheart

  • Maidelitala January 9, 2009  

    so cute! Especially the end “they’re not talking, evidently they like it.”
    I wonder what other meals they made?

  • Maidelitala January 9, 2009  

    ahhh sorry, honeybuns.

  • BS January 9, 2009  

    Clara is my favorite YouTube star ever! Can she start blogging on ES?

  • Very Very Good Girl January 9, 2009  

    Great find – I also want to know what else she cooks. Now why can’t that be on the foodnetwork! During the clip I envisioned Clara being filmed by her husband as a two-person crew, but liked the grandkids.

    A friend’s grandmother still washes & dries the bags cereal or other stuff comes in to reuse for sandwiches or what not as it became a habit during the depression.

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