How I Met Mariah Carey

dsc_5044.JPGI’m sure a lot of you are wondering how I know frequent ES commenter, Mariah Carey.  Well, believe it or not, before she became a famous singer married to a little boy, we used to work together in Houston.  Yes, this foul-mouthed Jerzy Girl spent almost 6 months working in God’s Country—with Mariah Carey.  I almost got into a wreck the first time I saw a gun-rack on the back of a truck.  Christ.  Texas.

Anyway, so I know this might sound super obvious, but people eat Tex-Mex all the time in Houston.  I just never really thought about it before I lived there.  But for like every meal, people would want to eat Mexican.  It shocked me.  I mean, going out for Mexican was like a once a week, at most twice a week, thing, not numerous times a day.  Somehow, I got accustomed to it.  And I now no longer can stomach a margarita and chili con queso dip.  I did, however, find a completely adequate substitution for my fav hang-over food, fried egg and cheese on a begal.  It’s absolutely perfect and I can’t believe I never thought to do it before.

Right near our campaign HQ there was this dive of a Mex joint. I mean, terrible.  But, they served the most amazing egg dish (and they even served it for lunch!)  It was 2 small tortillas filled with scrambled eggs and…french fries!  Yes, french fries.  Who needs regular potatoes when you can add in french fries.

Eggs and Fries Burrito

With my leftover waffle fries (they used regular fries) I broke them in smaller pieces and then warmed them up in a frying pan.  Once there were pretty hot, I shoved them to the side, added some butter and scrambled 2 eggs.  When the eggs were almost done I incorporated the fries in the mix.  While that was finishing, I quickly charred a corn tortilla directly on my stove top.  I then filled the tortilla with the egg/fry scramble and topped it with mashed avocado and salt and pepper.  There was no green of any sort in my Houston version, but I tried to class it up a bit for the camera.

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  • Maidelitala November 12, 2008  

    ahhh Gansie… you’re so eggtastic

  • Yvo November 12, 2008  

    I can’t tell if you’re serious or not about Mariah Carey… I always assumed that was just some big fan pretending to be her.

  • mariah carey November 12, 2008  

    Awe you love me! Back then you were “cooking” egg sandwiches and dragging ass to the taqueria for hangover tacos. LOOK AT YOU NOW!

    Don’t act like you added Mimi in the title for the google leads it will surely bring!

    (i cannot believe you cook with real butter)
    See you on the couch! xoxo

  • Levi Neesmith September 5, 2010  

    Mariah Carey is the best singer out there..i’ve been playing her music since i was like 4 years old

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