ES Has a Religious Experience (About Food, Of Course)

This summer, I took at little break from food-blogging to go explore my birthright in the Holy Land. While other trip participants got excited about being away from their parents for the first time, swimming in the Dead Sea, and joining the Israeli army, I clearly was just in it for the food. Broadandpattison has already told you about omni-dip, so here are a couple more Israeli food shots (sorry for the massive delay – have been waiting for pics from my travel companions)…


Jerusalem marketplace –  olives, pickles, and olive’d and pickled everything


Got this at a lunch counter in Tel Aviv – no idea what it’s called. It’s an omelet topped with diced veggies and fried eggplant, and stuffed in–what do you think–a pita.

While we’re on the subject of pita, I have to talk about how they eat falafel…

They put FRENCH FRIES IN IT. Yes, they put the falafel (or shwarma, or whatever) in a pita and then mix fries along with it inside. The first time a guy asked me if I wanted fries in my falafel I thought it must be some kind of prank they play on Americans, but it’s true–they were doing it everywhere.


Israeli McDonald’s-type place.  I would get really pisted every time we stopped somewhere like this for lunch.


High-tech Israeli mentos machine.


Another American export: Drinking games.


Jerusalem market on Saturday.


We weren’t supposed to do anything non-Jewy, but on the last day a few of us snuck off to go explore the Arab Quarter in Jerusalem.


Bunnies and chicks for sale at the Arab market–I’m pretty sure they weren’t for pets, either.


This crazy fried cheese thing at the Arab market – it was selling like hot cakes. Did not find out what it was called, but it was delicious. Hot and melted in your mouth.


Check out the spice pyramid!

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  • Yvo October 16, 2008  

    That bunny on the right of the pic, light grey, looks so sad. Poor bunny, probably long been someone’s lunch now… 🙁
    And dude, I know! In Greece (or was it Turkey?) they serve fries with EVERYTHING and a few places put them in our kebab sandwiches. It was interesting. I’m not a mix-the-starches kinda gal, so I would take htem out and just eat them =X

  • gansie October 16, 2008  

    i think fries are the answer to peace in the middle east.

  • Natalie Sztern October 17, 2008  

    My daughter is doing this trip in February – any hints on what to bring?

  • BS October 17, 2008  

    Natalie- they pretty much hook you up with everything so you don’t have to bring much – some money for lunches…the packing list they give you is way too long – you don’t need as much clothes, etc as they say, and you will be lugging whatever you bring all over the country. She will have a GREAT time!

  • Natalya August 30, 2009  

    I am interestid in the chick but are the ducks,chicken or both.
    And how much do they cost.and

  • Amber August 30, 2009  

    p.s no one will want to buy those animals in that condishon

  • Maids August 31, 2009  

    I’m loving that spice pyramid

  • Shari January 10, 2012  

    the “crazy fried cheese thing” is knafeh (k pronounced). it’s actually not fried.

    (better late than never, right?)

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