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French Bread Pizza


I’ve been away for the past few weekends and haven’t been able to make it to the farmers market. But this Saturday I trekked the 3 blocks, my 21 year old sister in tow, to the market. Although there were some heirlooms varieties — lumpy, tri-colored, funky shaped — I chose the classic round, red guys as my first tomatoes of the season.

For breakfast that morning, I pieced together sunny side up eggs and splattered the yolks over slices of tomato and soaked it up with French bread. Nothing too fancy.

Sunday night dinner was equally as low key. I know many cultures have grand traditions of Sunday Supper, but it’s just not so in our apartment. Saturday nights usually become too big of a shit show for anything fancy the next night.

80pandjumboslice.jpg sherryjumboslice.jpg

Stay with me here.

The above photos are of 80P and my sister totally sucking down Jumbo Slices from Adams Morgan. This was my sister’s first trip being able to legally drink and all she wanted to do was, well, besides drink, try the most famous of non-sober food, the biggest slice of pizza known to the District of Columbia.

This short narrative of my weekend is all to say that Sunday dinner: would involve tomatoes, would be easy, and would have a pizza focus. (80P and Sherry only let me have a few bites of their pizza, so I still craved the melty, cheese goodness.)

French Bread Pizza

Easily composed, the “pizza” was French bread with slices of tomato sprinkled with herbes de Provence (can easily sub any basic Italian blend), garlic salt and black pepper, topped with shredded mozzarella and placed under the broiler. But after a few bites, I felt that something was missing. Something creamy, something tangy. So I slipped the tomatoes and cheese off, spread a thick layer of cream cheese on the bread and then replaced the tomato and cheese. Much better.

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  • BS August 11, 2008  

    woooah! what an idea. I am in support of adding cream cheese to anything. especially already cheese-based meals.

  • gansie August 11, 2008  

    Q – is it wrong to broil and cover with cheese – fresh tomatoes?

  • Yvo August 11, 2008  

    Absolutely not, makes ’em sweeter right?

    BTW, first saw the pic and immediately thought of that scene in Spanglish where Adam Sandler (adore him) is just sitting down and takes out of the toaster oven a slice of bread EXACTLY like the above except sans tomato. Just covered with melted cheese, then he slips it on top of another slice same size but has umm… I don’t know, some meat? on it topped with a fried egg (runny yolk) and … droolage. Then I read the post and you mention eggs, I got so excited… and… yeah. Great post! Hahaha I have to try this.

  • gansie August 11, 2008  

    i’m not gonna lie, my first thought was to stick a fried, runny egg somewhere in this concoction. but that required the use of a pan, so i negged it.

  • BS August 11, 2008  

    I would really like to have adam sandler guest post for us.

  • DAD GANSIE August 14, 2008  

    nice pics gansie

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