The Ghosts of Gansie’s Pantry


While I LOVE the fact that ES has readers all across the world (I’m looking at you, Ireland!), I personally love the blog because if I ever want to cook something that I’ve already made before, I can quickly look it up online. It’s a lot easier than bothering friends that have eaten it or searching through personal recipe notebooks.

Anyway, I just got back from my friend Jules’ bridal weekend — both a shower ( I made pesto pasta salad, chickpea crostini and a couscous salad) and Jersey Shore style bachelorette party — and I wanted to throw something together to bring for lunch. I stole a few cans of tuna fish (need to fit into that bridesmaid dress) from DAD GANSIE and wanted to make a tuna fish salad salad. I checked out my previous recipe and made a few adjustments: added sundried tomatoes, parsley, garlic powder, onion powder and left out the red onion, tomato and lemon, as they were not available. And I’ll probably add half an avocado when I mix in the tuna with the spinach.

My recipe still stands up a year later. Just thought you’d like to know my pantry is still pumpin’.

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  • BS July 14, 2008  

    I hope we will get a photo of the avocado-tuna concoction?

  • gansie July 14, 2008  

    the adding of the avocado wasn’t all that photo worthy. i’m thinking next time i can mix in some of those jarred artichoke hearts. i really hate the taste of tuna and i need more flavors to cover it up.

  • BS July 14, 2008  

    ugh. tuna is disgusting. it’s not worth it.

  • jfp3 July 19, 2008  

    Tuna is wonderful! Especially as Sashimi 🙂

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