Oops! She Didn’t Cook It…Again!


Cindy McCain, who is currently running to replace Laura Bush as First Robot, got in some trouble back in April when it was revealed that the “family recipes” appearing on her website were stolen from Rachael Ray and Giada. The McCain campaign suffered much mocking over this incident, and blamed an intern, who was subsequently fired. But apparently, the McCain folks still haven’t figured out how this whole googleplex thing works, because they’ve done the exact same thing again!

Family Circle Magazine is out with their potential first-lady cookie bake-off, and Cindy submitted an oatmeal butterscotch cookie recipe “from a friend.” What she didn’t mention is that the friend in question is named hersheys.com! Seriously, people, does no one have the Internet over at McCain headquarters? Isn’t there someone who can google Cindy’s recipes to make sure they aren’t plagiarized…again?

On a more positive note, Michelle Obama submitted a recipe for shortbread spiked with Amaretto and a little orange zest. Call me blinded by partisanship, but that actually sounds like a tasty idea!

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  • Liza June 17, 2008  

    GOOD WORK BS on your investigative journalism!!! First Robot is the most accurate title that has ever been used when describing her role!

  • JoeHoya June 17, 2008  

    So does that mean Michelle Obama would also be First Robot?

    Call me crazy, but she seems a bit overqualified for the job.

    FWIW, there’s an interesting note from back when Richard Leiby was the Reliable Source at the Post. Apparently each of the previous cookie bake-offs was won by the candidate whose recipe included chocolate. This year? None of them do – not even the one from Hershey’s.

  • gansie June 18, 2008  

    does this mean hillary still has a chance with bill’s cookies

  • BS June 18, 2008  

    Yes, actually. The winner of the cookie bake-off gets an automatic 100 delegates at the convention.

  • mamabear June 22, 2008  

    Whooooooooops! They BOTH screwed up. The winner ALWAYS goes to the one that posts a chocolate chip recipe. REALLY! Go back over the years.. and you’ll find.. the spouse of every elected President since they started doing this cookie contest.. has posted the good old.. Chocolate Chip Recipe! REALLY!! I’m NOT kidding! lol

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