John Mayer Does Perez Hilton – Literally! With a $675 Bottle of Liquor

meandmayer2__opt.jpg meandmayer__opt.jpg

This is war of the bloggers!

So my fave celeb blogger Perez Hilton (yeah, I said it) is claiming that at Stereo Nighclub in NYC he


with fellow blogger, John Mayer! John Mayer, in so many words, is denying this.

Let’s look at the facts to get to the bottom of this:

First, I’m pretty sure anything is possible at Stereo Nightclub. Their menu is exclusively alcohol – and no single drink orders here. You may only order the entire bottle, the lowest priced being about $300!

However, I bet Perez and John opted to start with the Stereo Pomegranate shot kit:

  • Pama Liquor
  • Shaker
  • Ingredients for Pama and Lime, Pama “kazi”, Pama/Lemon Drop.

Then perhaps they continued with the $675 bottle of Patron Silver Magnum. Who knows.

But Stereo’s goal is “creating the ultimate sensory experience.” And from the looks of the picture above, John Mayer is grabbing everything in sight- whose hands is he holding while whispering into Perez’s ear?

The latest news on the story is Perez announced that he has taken a lie detector test to prove they did make out, and the ever reliable US Weekly was there to witness.

Although I am starting to believe the story, my initial theory was that this was a prank related to Ashton Kutcher’s new show Pop Fiction on VH1, where he gets celebrities to “punk” the paparazzi by doing off beat things that are actually staged. But then when John Mayer started getting defensive, I thought, hmmmm… perhaps my theory is wrong???

And Perez could be doing it for publicity – plus, he is kind of obssessed with John Mayer, often writing about his blog entries, and putting up photos of this:


and this:


So let me ask, what do YOU think?

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  • BS April 4, 2008  

    excellent research, Liza…hopefully John Mayer will restart his food blog to confirm the edible details

  • gansie April 4, 2008  

    ugh…bottle service. on one hand it’s awesome – you’re guaranteed a table with strong drinks. on the other – you’ve blown your week’s pay in one sitting. and by one sitting i mean puked it up in the bar sink.

  • BS April 4, 2008  

    A few thoughts.
    1- There are so many arms/appendages in that one photos I don’t even know what’s going on
    2- I actually like the Pama liquor – but that pama and lime drink sounds kinda gross
    3- In his defense, John Mayer brings up being called a douchebag AGAIN – this man is obsessed with being called a douche!

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