Logan @ The Heights


While you’re bitching about the pending commercial hell of DC USA—the new shopping center starring Target—and how it will ruin the neighborhood spirit, grab a bite to eat across the street at Logan @ The Heights. Take in the goth interior, reminiscent of a Meatloaf video, as you start in on the mussels, soaked in a creamy sauce and perfect for a bread-soaking session. Skip the fried baby artichokes, as they are oily and served in portions too small to justify the $8.50 price tag; also skip the Southern fried chicken (it’s dry) and the grilled salmon that seems to be served with Aunt Jemima (actually a “citrus-maple sauce”). Sandwiches are where it’s at here: both the burger and the pretend burger—eggplant and Portobella mushroom with feta and sun-dried tomato—are juicy and filling, and served with hand-cut fries.
For: Eating at a local joint before chain-restaurant hysteria sets in.
Entrees: $9-$22. 202-797 -7227. 3314 14th St, NW (Columbia Heights)

Originally in the Onion – AV Club / DC local edition

Photo: Flickr user, otavio_dc

Logan @ the Heights in Washington

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  • BS March 27, 2008  

    that thing is monstorous

  • BS March 27, 2008  

    ps goddamn I love that meatloaf video

  • 80 Proof March 27, 2008  

    God, I only watched that video 1200 times growing up.

    Cheesy as hell, but love it.

  • Britannia March 28, 2008  

    I personally think that The Heights is just a replica of Logan Tavern on P St. I went twice when it opened, once for brunch and another for dinner. Its all too similar and all overly priced. Another boring DC eatery, no adventure. Although, the Bloody Mary’s are pretty sweet.

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  • Alex May 29, 2009  

    I don’t get people who complain about a chain atmosphere on 14th in one breath, and praise Logan@the Heights in the next. It may be part of only a chain of two, but from it’s unyielding policy of not seatig people without a full party, to it’s chain-like name, to it’s uninspired d├ęcor, to it’s bland offerings, this place feels almost as corporate as Ruby Tuesday’s up the street. I live nearby and I’d love this place to be good. But it’s just not.

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