That Barack Obama Sure Knows the Key to Our Heart (Hint: It Contains Alcohol)

Can Barack Obama get any cooler?

As we work our way through the Endless Simmer endorsement process, we’re trying very hard to be perfectly non-partisan political analysts and endorse the candidate who will do the most for food issues, but that sweetheart Barack Obama just isn’t making it easy. Not only does the Great Biracial Hope have his own ice cream – it’s from Ben and Jerry’s and the name is a pun, I think I just might be a fan – but now there is Obama beer. Sixpoint Craft Ale (a great local discovery upon moving to Brooklyn) has introduced “Hop Obama.” Here’s the lowdown, via Brownstoner:

“In keeping with the Illinois senator’s unifying theme, the ‘Hop Obama’ is an indefinable ale that doesn’t adhere to traditional style guidelines.” The beer is being offered for a limited time at select bars in New York and Massachusetts, and the 4th Avenue bar Pacific Standard is one of the places that’s scored some kegs. (Ed. Note: Pacific Standard, near my house, is another new and noteworthy find. They have a long rotating selection of rare brews, with a nifty printed menu that describes the attributes of each. Plus they have a blog. Obv. I can get on board with any bar that has a blog.) The bar’s blog notes that “this beer is about hope and a rejection of beer as usual.”

That makes Barry two-for-two on our “What Not to Waste” list. Your move, Hillary.

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  • Tina March 13, 2008  

    I hate smokers, this is a disgusting photo. Maybe to you it’s cool. To me it sets a bad example. Sorry.

  • Elle Kasey March 13, 2008  

    Endless Simmer, you are so right on. Mmm, Obama beer. And no, I cannot think of any way the man could possibly be cooler.

  • caroline March 13, 2008  

    I’m not a smoker, but if I were running for President I’d need a cigarette every now and then. He looks cute with the cigarette and it shows that he’s human just like the rest of us.

  • Jack March 13, 2008  

    The problem, Tina, is you’re looking at it from a 21st century perspective where everything causes cancer and we expect government to create laws to protect children who have the compulsion to emulate everything they see. Google pics of Sinatra, Humphrey Bogart, Miles Davis, and James Dean to see why a cigarette was an icon of cool.

  • Erin March 13, 2008  

    that’s a fake ciggarette, not that I care either way, but it definately hurts your credibility.

    Case in point: I’ve never read your blog before, and now I’m less likely to because you’ve made me focus on the doctored photo instead

  • JoeHoya March 13, 2008  

    I think it makes him look more like Bourdain – never a bad thing on this blog.

  • caroline March 13, 2008  

    By the way, you guys would probably be interested in this (if you haven’t seen it already).

  • gansie March 13, 2008  

    as the co-editor of ES, i think obama looks both trashy (for smoking) and trashed (can you say 2am booze-fest)

    thank you.

  • JakeZ March 16, 2008  

    Trashy + Trashed = COOL. Man, where are all the RSS readin’ hipsters to back me up here?

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