Liar, Liar, Career On Fire

irvine liar

Editors Note:  You might remember BK from his earlier rant on ES fav Alton Brown.  Well, this time he has more shit to throw at another Food Network star.  But this time, it’s way more legit.  Here’s BK on resume writing. 

Who among us hasn’t padded our resume a bit? That was my first reaction when I saw that Robert Irvine was being sacked by the Food Network for lying about his previous cooking experience. After reading some of the things he tried to get away with, you can’t help but wonder if he is a little nuts though. Regardless of his indiscretions, I can’t help but be a little disappointed, and here is why.

There are two things I like about going out to eat. I love the artistry involved in a well crafted dish. But just as much, I love watching the machinations of a restaurant when it is trying to pump out 250 covers on a jumping Friday night. Having worked in several capacities at different restaurants, I know every second of a busy Friday or Saturday: the entire place is walking a thin line between flawless service and utter insanity.

Most of the Food Network programs make cooking look so easy. Every time someone tastes one of their own dishes, they gesticulate and moan about how wonderful it is. Never once have even I witnessed anyone say, “this could use a little more salt.”

Like Bob Ross whipping together a perfect landscape painting in a half an hour, it is all a bit unrealistic. Robert Irvine’s Dinner: Impossible was probably guilty of over dramatizing the stress of his situations. But it brought something entirely different to the network. It demonstrated to people how challenging cooking for large groups of people can be and hopefully added to their appreciation of the cooking business. He seemed like an affable guy and his food always looked really good.

I hope he lands on his feet somewhere soon. I would definitely go out to eat at any restaurant he opens. Now I hope no one finds out I wasn’t Kim Jong Il’s personal chef. Kimchi anyone?

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  • BS March 10, 2008  

    this show was always a little too crazy for me anyway

  • gansie March 10, 2008  

    i have to admit, i did love the episode when he got dropped at an eagles game and had to barter for grills and ingredients.

  • BK March 10, 2008  

    The Rachel Ray montage is hilarious/creepy. I loved it.

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