Hott Links: Me Want Cookie


– This is gonna be a tough truth for a lot of you, but the world finally has an answer to the question: When cookie monster eats, where do the cookies go? [Slashfood]

– Speaking of foodie monsters, Rachael Ray is trying on a new hipster personality for size. The Rayster is hosting a party at SXSW music festival this year, complete with performances from nerdy math rockers Battles and a yum-o little band by the name of Holy Fuck. [Pitchfork]

– And while we’re on the topic of food TV, rumor has it that the Food Network will soon be available in dead tree format. [TV Food Fan]

Photo: Diamond’s are a girl’s best friend.

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  • Nancy February 16, 2008  

    Why isn’t Rachael Ray’s husband’s band, The Cringe, accompanying her performance at SXSW? Expiring minds want to know!

  • gansie February 17, 2008  

    and, um, paula deen has her own mag?!?!

  • BS February 17, 2008  

    Each issue comes shrink wrapped with its own stick of butter

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