I Resolve to Stop Resolving

Citrus, Parsley, Bulgur Wheat

I’m sure you noticed, but ES did not take part in any New Year’s resolution crap. Know what 80 and I did New Year’s Day – we sat at a bar and drank, went to dinner and drank, went to another bar and drank, and then went home and drank. There were no salads involved and the only exercise we got was stumbling from place to place.

Sure, I used to make a resolution. Same one every year, in fact – lose ten pounds. I’m old now, though. I’m done resolving. But, as I still live in America, with ab-fucking-surd standards for women, I’m forced to eat right sometimes and work out once in a while.

Pictured above is my first healthy meal of 2008. Recipe is post jump.

Citrus-Parsley Bulgur and Greens

Start with the bulgur.

bulgur browning beef broth bulgur cookin

I’ve talked about this grain before, but I just discovered the best addition – beef stock. Follow the directions for the bulgur in the provided link, but use one cup beef stock and one cup water. The beef broth really gives it, well, not really a meaty flavor, but just a fuller flavor.

choppin chickenWhile that cooks, start on the chicken. SAG bought me this kickass cleaver for Chanukah. As you would guess, it’s as sharp as Hillary Clinton’s debate skills and as fun to use as slap bracelets.

Marinate the chicken chunks in extra virgin, soy sauce, a bit of chili oil, pinch of lemon zest, pinch of lime zest, juice from half a lemon, juice from half a lime, kosher salt, freshly ground black pepper and let it soak for about a half hour.

Oh, and back to this “first healthy dish of the year” theme, um, the reason I thought of this citrus dish is because I bought all these lemons and limes for the NYE party 80 and I threw, and then I happened to totally forget about them once the party got going. Oops. So, sorry to all of the guests that had to suffer through a gin and tonic sans lime. Not that you should have been drinking that summer staple, anyway.

parsley-citrus sauce

On to the sauce.

In a blender, add: 3 helping handfuls of fresh parsley, juice from half a lemon, juice from half a lime, zest of one lemon, zest of one lime (minus the zest in the marinade,) kosher salt, freshly ground black pepper, and stream in extra virgin. The sauce will be a beautiful, light, shade of green.

While the sauce sets, stir/check the bulgur, discard the chicken marinade and place the chicken on a hot, nonstick pan (Actually, SAG bought me this workhorse of a pan last year for Chanukah. Love me some kitchen supplies.) Let each piece brown on one side before turning. Once browned, turn over.

Add a layer of bulgur to a plate, place greens on top of that (I used red leaf lettuce,) when the chicken is done, add that to the salad and top with citrus-parsley dressing and then toss together.

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  • Britannia January 16, 2008  

    Healthy eating, can’t this wait till next month. I was just given a Girl Scout Cookie order form, does this mean I have to throw it out… ?

  • 80 Proof January 16, 2008  

    The guy I ordered my cookies from just got fired. I’m so confused, do I still get my cookies!?

  • gansie January 16, 2008  

    oh no! thin mints!

  • JoeHoya January 16, 2008  

    Word to the wise, 80 – when a guy comes around taking orders for Girl Scout Cookies, he’s probably up to something.

    Not that I know from past experience or anything…

  • 80 Proof January 16, 2008  

    haha, he does have a young daughter.

    There was this scam at my college though, where this mother brought her daughters on campus and took orders for cookies. Only this time she asked that people pay cash up front. Oops. She apparently made out with a nice sum of money.

  • BS January 16, 2008  

    sounds like you got scammed, 80

  • gansie January 16, 2008  

    what the fuck. really? my dad used to sell GS cookies at his office for me every year. and he did a mighty fine job. where are the feminist readers on ES? this is an outrage!

    and while i’m talking shit, thanks for hijacking the comments from my beautiful salad to GS cookies.

  • 80 Proof January 16, 2008  


    I thought this was a kid’s blog.

  • Britannia January 16, 2008  

    This is a debate worth continuing, I think its the benefit of working in a big office. I had no one last year to offer me this grand opportunity (we don’t have cookie sellers in England, its beneath my people). I did get harassed outside of the Super Giant in Columbia Heights last year though, that was my supply.

    We can talk about “healthy” salads another time 😉

  • BS January 16, 2008  

    speaking of healthy salads, I’ve always thought the GS shortbread cookies are even better than the thin mints. Does anyone have my back on that?

  • alice January 16, 2008  

    um… samoas!? and the shortbread… top of my list!!

  • JoeHoya January 16, 2008  

    If there were more than 15 Tagalongs per box, they would be my favorite hands-down. Hooray for chocolate and peanut butter together!

  • Britannia January 16, 2008  

    I’m sorry, chocolate and peanut butter don’t belong together.

    Samoas hands down!

  • gansie January 16, 2008  

    britannia, i know you’re fairly new to the US of A, but come on, you can’t deny the overwhelming allure of a reese’s cup.

  • Britannia January 16, 2008  

    Nope, hate them, wrong on so many levels. I can tolerate peanut butter and nutella chocolate spread, on toast.

  • dodgecitydave January 17, 2008  

    Nutella crepes!! mmmmmmmmmm!

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