Sunday Dinner, Part Two

tomato soup

I’m proud to report that I made some progress in “not cheating” for Sunday night dinner. Although I didn’t whip up something intense, I actually did so some prep work, as opposed to the shame that was last week.

sunday clicheI obviously spent the day sleeping in, watching football (Eli continues on?!?!) and this terrible commercial 700 times (although for some reason, 80 loves it,) reading a good amount of the Wash Post* (that’s me to the right) and, of course, eating.

*Okay, let me rant for a second. I hate/do not believe when people say they read the whole paper every morning. That’s a lie. The paper is HUGE. It’s absolutely impossible to read the entire paper every morning. You’d have to start reading the second it was delivered (4-5 am? and shoot-off rant, you know you’re in trouble when you get home from a night partying and the paper is already delivered, but that can be a rant for another day) to be done reading it by the time you had to go to work. Sure, some people are animals and get up at 5 o’clock in the morning and drink coffee and read the paper and save the world, but I’m sooo not one of them. And anyway, they’re lying. 80 and I spent three hours tag-teaming the paper and we still couldn’t get through the whole thing. Regardless.

goodys calendarSo for dinner, 80 and I flirted with the idea of ordering from Goodys, one of those all encompassing delivery places. They serve everything from fried rice to buffalo wings to burritos to chicken parm subs. And, during the end/beginning of the year, they also give a complimentary calendar/menu (see left) along with the food. The calendar kicks ass, it features the Chinese Zodiac (or peacocks or pandas) as well as their extensive menu, ensuring easy ordering all year long. But, we decided instead to find something in the kitchen because god-forbid one of us has to actually leave the apartment and go downstairs to get the food. Leaving the couch was hard enough.

Continue reading for the startling conclusion to Sunday night eating.

80 ate his leftover pizza. I mentally – from the couch, of course – scanned the fridge and pantry. I wanted something easy. Something warm. And something easy. And then it came to me – the ultimate comfort combination – grilled cheese and tomato soup. Yes, the soup is from a can, but I doctored it up with a touch of garlic powder, oregano and black pepper and made it mine.

If we’re calling the tomato soup section of the meal “Italian“, then for the sandwich part, I was inspired by another Mediterranean country: “Greece. ” (The quotes are to acknowledge that I know this isn’t authentic cuisine, just an American-lite version.)

Broiled Cheese Sandwich

I split the whole wheat pita open, and crumbled tons of feta on one side. I then drizzled extra virgin on the cheese and topped it with freshly ground black pepper. I placed it under the broiler for just minutes and when the cheese started to brown, I added the other slice of pita on top just to warm it through. I cut it into quarters for easy eating purposes and served it with the soup.


**We blog, You decide**

If I possessed the energy to do more with this sandwich, I bet some minced garlic and maybe even sauteed onions would be good in this sandwich, as well as roasted red peppers. Rosemary or parsley would also have been nice flavor enhancers. But I craved simplicity; maybe next time.

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  • BS January 14, 2008  

    you look so effing studious!

  • 80 Proof January 14, 2008  

    I realize it was the Sunday paper, and I realize that football was also on TV at the same time, but it took a good 2-3 hours to get through that thing. Felt good doing it though.

    Anyone know if the Post has a Sat-Sun deal, as well, and not just Sunday delivery?

  • Pinch o Minch January 14, 2008  

    Is there an US Weekly under there?

  • 80 Proof January 14, 2008  

    Gansie! She blogs just like us!

  • gansie January 14, 2008  


    for more: “just like us

  • Jeb Quarles January 14, 2008  

    So you guys did order pizza…

    And Anna and I love the Jeep commercial.

  • dad gansie January 15, 2008  

    gansie: soup looks good and you do look awfully serious with your paper
    80 p it was some damm good football last week, farve ( the succer did the same off balance lateral pass against the eagles too. the real problem is we couldn’t catch a punt !!)should win, but don’t think anyone can beat brady.

  • gansie January 15, 2008  

    excuse me, dad. I’M THE EAGLES/FOOTBALL FAN AROUND HERE. i don’t know why you are *solely* addressing 80P, a self-described COLLEGE BASKETBALL FAN, on the play of the Packers QB. i expect an apology. and yes, i’m being over dramatic.

  • BS January 15, 2008  

    girls like cooking. boys like football. everybody knows that.

  • dad gansie January 15, 2008  

    80 p it’s a cute comercial, like the monkey too, we all have some zoo family members. good job with the feta( especially the fat free mediterrean), it’a a good thing

  • gansie January 15, 2008  

    okay, BS. you wanna be on my shit-list too?

  • 80 Proof January 15, 2008  

    BS, you forgot cleaning.

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