The Root of All Deliciousness


My sister Patti made this julienne root vegetable salad so that we could have something a little different on the table for turkey day – recipe courtesy of her real, live professional chef friend Sandy.

Alright, I’m gonna tell you the ingredients, but before I do, you have to promise you’ll believe me that it’s delicious. It contains:




and beets.

Oh yeah, and it’s not cooked at all.

I know, it doesn’t sound like an ample replacement for sweet potatoes with marshmallows, but trust me, it is a really tasty and refreshing side. Perfect for cleansing bites between turkey and stuffing. I really can’t even explain how refreshing it tastes. Plus look at it, it’s beautiful.

Recipe after the jump.

Julienne Root Vegetable Salad

1 large beet

2 large carrots

1 celery root

2 turnips

3 parsnips

12 radishes

1 cup olive oil

1/3 cup sherry wine vinegar

1 egg yolk

1 T water

1 T Mustard

1 shallot, minced

1 garlic clove, minced

Salt and pepper to taste

Pinch of cayenne


  1. Peel and julienne each vegetable. Keep the julienne of each vegetable in ice water, separate from the other vegetables, until ready to mix.
  1. Prepare the vinaigrette: combine the egg yolk and water in a mixing bowl and whisk over a double boiler or low flame until just starting to cook. Remove from the heat, add the mustard, shallot, garlic and vinegar. Whisk continuously while adding the olive oil in a thin stream. Season to taste.
  1. Combine all the vegetables—except for the beets. Dress all the veggies with most of the dressing. Dress the beets separately with the rest of the dressing. Serve solo or on a bed of greens.

Bonus: Since it kinda looks like a slaw, I slathered it on a turkey sandwich the next day. Fantastic.

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  • gansie November 29, 2007  

    why the separation of the beets? would they just turn everything magenta?

    can we get Sandy on this blog!

  • MonkeyBoy November 29, 2007  

    I am shocked, SHOCKED! that ES didn’t jump on the recipe in NYT Dining this week for… (dum dum duuum) Sugared Bacon. TOO AMAZING!! You must make it quickest and report.
    Plus, the quote from the article was pure ES:
    “It’s easy, she said: just sprinkle bacon with brown sugar and bake. What emerged from my oven were burnished sticks of sweet and salty meat candy.”

  • BS November 30, 2007  

    oh I have it clipped, hahahaha – was trying to decide if I should wait to try it out or just post it right away – so amazing!

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