Earl Grey’s Drunk Cousins

When Britiannia cooked us his take on a delicious English Breakfast, clearly, amazing drinks were in order. And we’re not talking tea.


The mixed drink creation, above, came from our dinner companion, Joey. Inspired by the classic bellini and the neighborhood Maggie Moo’s.

Gay Man’s Bellini

Drop one scoop of Raspberry Sorbet in a highball glass or champagne flute. Add one shot of SKYY (or better) vodka and fill rest of glass with champagne. Top it off with a splash of OJ.



For the beer lovers, I brought over my fav brew of all time: Beamish. Hey, in my mind, Irish and English go very well together.

Photos: 80P

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4 thoughts on “Earl Grey’s Drunk Cousins

  1. Not to be a hater, but how can it be a bellini without even a hint of peach?

    Sounds like a great drink, though I may have to give it some kind of pseudonym if I try serving it at my next party.

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