Liza’s Tips to Eating #2: String Cheese


Pulling pieces off of string cheese is truly an art form to me. Each time I eat string cheese, I’m constantly striving to pull a perfectly thin, moderately wide, full length piece of cheese because there is nothing more satisfying. We’ve all been there – you pull a piece off and it breaks halfway down, or you’re pulling and the piece ends up being half of the cheese stick – it’s frustrating! So after years and years of experimenting with different brands, different pulling techniques, and even just giving up on pulling all together and eating the cheese stick whole, I finally discovered the variable that makes all the difference: Temperature.

Now, you don’t want the cheese to be too cold (like straight out of the fridge) because it is hard not to pull gigantic pieces. You don’t want it too hot because the string cheese won’t pull at all.

So the Liza’s Tip to Eating String CheeseSIT ON IT– yes literally, put the packaged string cheese under your bottom. Sit on it for about a minute or two and I promise, it will make the cheese the perfect temperature for pulling perfect pieces everytime! And THIS is how you eat string cheese

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  • 80 Proof October 24, 2007  

    Do you yell “bottoms up!” when you eat string cheese?

  • BS October 24, 2007  

    I HATE it when it doesn’t string properly…I am so pissed just thinking about all the times this has happened to me…thank you, Liza, you are an unparelelled source of culinary knowledge.

  • gansie October 25, 2007  

    you are fucking a-mazing

  • Britannia October 25, 2007  

    Can one ask how this phenomenal discovery was made?

  • Liza October 25, 2007  

    I will start saying bottom’s up when I do this *(and you
    should too)
    I think this discovery started by me putting the string cheese behind my knee and squeezing it with my leg, and then I realized it was much easier to just sit on it

  • BS October 25, 2007  

    lol….because sticking the string cheese behind your leg is something that obviously would come to mind…I for one, want tips from liza on a regular basis – I don’t know how I’ve been eating without them all these years.

  • Elizabeth 40 Hands October 28, 2007  

    Are you still a mr. cheese head regular or do you vary?

  • gansie October 29, 2007  


    so my ceo came by my office – eating string cheese. and she was just bitting it so i told this tip.
    yes, i actually told my boss TO SIT ON HER CHEESE.
    she was like, um, maybe next time.

  • BS October 29, 2007  

    some people can’t appreciate genius. Was she really just biting it like it was a regular piece of cheese? She doesn’t sound like CEO material to me

  • gansie October 29, 2007  

    well, I’ll let you know if she tries it. she sounded somewhat intrigued, if not totally grossed out.

  • BS October 29, 2007  

    i bet you anything she’s doing it right now.

  • mikeinman August 5, 2012  

    That is the most rediculous thing I have ever heard! Never will I do that Haaaaaaa!

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