Our First Retraction

embarrassed chimp

I guess you really can’t be a blog without some retraction posts, right. Well, it seems that there has been a mix-up with my Dana Priest story.

The ES editors were so pumped about this world-shattering event, that we shot it around to some DC reporters/bloggers that we thought would find this interesting.

Well, Amy Argetsinger, from the WaPo’s Reliable Source, found our story so amusing that she actually emailed Ms. Priest herself. Well, um, apparently Ms. Priest attended a friend’s dinner party, and not The Media Institute dinner last night.

So, as I’ve already written Ms. Argetsinger and Ms. Priest apology emails, I will do so again – sorry for the mix up. Although, I have no idea how that conversation progressed after I said, “Hello, Ms. Priest” and then mentioned the “secret prisons” and her “email at the Post.” But, I guess this also makes more sense now.

I do, however, stand by my statements about the lobster bisque.

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  • 80 Proof October 17, 2007  

    I’m flabbergasted.

    Swear that looked exactly like her.


  • midseasonreplacements October 17, 2007  

    did you check your handy dandy seating chart that told us who was there? I don’t remember seeing her name. But I was too busyt drinking to make Tony Snow disappear.

  • gansie October 17, 2007  

    I knew I should have stolen one of those name listing sheets!

  • BS October 17, 2007  

    you guys have got to track down a copy of that sheet so we can figure out who the Poseur Dana Priest is…I bet she snuck in just by looking like DP

  • Jeb October 17, 2007  

    that’s odd…I have a hard time believing that you had a conversation that detailed and she didn’t stop you.

    I’m skeptical, maybe she wasn’t SUPPOSED to be there and was SUPPOSED to be somewhere else, like her “friend’s dinner party”.

  • BS October 18, 2007  

    man we really need to get to the bottom of this….if only we knew some sort of top-notch investigative journalist

  • gansie October 18, 2007  


  • midseasonreplacements October 18, 2007  

    I remember looking at the seating chart seeing if anyone else famous would be there. It was all a bunch of industry nobodies. I’d remember if Dana Preist’s name was there, since we dated for 3 years.

  • Dana Priest October 18, 2007  

    Just for the record: I have never dated an “EdHill” (who misspelled my name btw) and I was at my own dinner party with my own family — and some guests. I would be happy to submit to voice identification if “gansie” wants to call and chat about the state of journalism rather than the beauty contest you all are talking about. DP

  • gansie October 18, 2007  

    Ms. Priest,

    Our apologies – again – for misstating your Tuesday night whereabouts. And of course, we are so thrilled that such an important journalist chose to comment on our food blog, albeit to correct our sub-par reporting.

    I would be thrilled to discuss the state of American journalism with you, lest you think we are only beauty queens obsessed with food. In real life, I work for Business and Professional Women’s Foundation, and we recently completed a survey of women veterans, capturing the details of their transition from military to civilian life. Career transitions are especially taxing for women veterans; between coming home from war and facing a new life once back, women veterans require a strong, supportive voice to help them through this tumultuous period.

    I hope this possible story lead makes up for our reporting snafu. Let me know if you need a quote from me.

    Now let’s get back to food! What did you serve for this dinner party?

    Thank you,
    Stefanie Gans

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