Bots or Not, That Giada is Hot


The results of our tastiest chef contest are in, and after 300 votes from real live human beings (no bots here), the Internet has once again proven several essential truths, including that women are attractive, posting photos of said women on your blog helps drive up traffic, and people really hate Rachel Ray.

The clear winner, despite JoeHoya’s disinterest in tomato-clad cooks, is Italian Stallionette Giada de Laurentis. Congratulations to Ms. G, and thanks to everyone who voted, and everyone who didn’t, for indulging out periodic foray away from our almost-always incredibly serious subject matter.


Photo: Esquire

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  • JoeHoya August 26, 2007  

    Ask and ye shall receive – GLAD is running a contest to identify America’s “Steamiest Chef” to help introduce their new line of microwave steam bags. You can vote for:

    Govind Armstrong ( and one of People Magazine’s 50 Most Beautiful People)
    Sam Talbot (Top Chef Season 2)
    Aaron Sanchez (Food Network’s “Melting Pot” and one of People Magazine’s 50 Most Beautiful People)
    Dave Lieberman (Food Network’s “Eat This,” “Good Deal,” and “Dave Does”)
    G. Garvin (His eponymous restaurant and TVOne’s “Turn Up the Heat with G. Garvin”)

    More on this contest and voting can be found here.

    Have at it, ladies!

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